Has Clock Started Ticking on Dirk Koetter?

After having a quick trigger with their last few coaches, will the Glazers give Dirk Koetter time to become successful?

I'll admit, I have gotten excited over the possibilities that come with Dirk Koetter as the Bucs' head coach. The problem with that is it is the natural feeling of hope that is supposed to come with a new face and new blood at head coach in the NFL. Unfortunately for the Bucs, this is happening far too often. As a matter of fact, it's happening so often for the Bucs, some are wondering if the clock has already started for the Bucs new coach.

ESPN.com recently released their brief preview for all 32 NFL teams before training camps start. For the Bucs, ESPN focused on the Bucs' carousel at head coach.

This is no longer Lovie Smith's team -- it's Dirk Koetter's, which means the clock starts ticking now, as Koetter's two predecessors got only two years each before they were fired. The pressure is on, including the question of how QB Jameis Winston will produce in his sophomore season.

I have made it known of my belief that Lovie Smith needed to be let go after last season. The Bucs had spiraled out of control, and Lovie was clearly not the answer to fix them at this, or any, time.

The main issue and concern is the quick trigger the Glazer family has shown with their previous 3 head coaching hires they have made. What should be the biggest concern for Bucs fans is that if Dirk Koetter stumbles or fails, that likely means the end for both Koetter and GM Jason Licht. At that point, the Bucs will be starting over again.

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