Licht: Koetter's Offensive Turnaround "Incredible"

Jason Licht talks about the special qualities that his new head coach brings to the Bucs.

The dramatic improvements the Bucs' offense made in 2015 was just as much a result of Dirk Koetter's hire as it was drafting key players. No one knows this more than Bucs GM Jason Licht, who sat down with NFL Network in a video interview recently to discuss the positive impact Koetter has had on the team thus far.
"Dirk's a tell-it-like-it-is guy. He earns everyone's respect right away," Licht said. "Dirk has a great combination of teaching and getting quick results. Bringing this offense from where we were the year before, in one year the turnaround was incredible."
That it was. The Buccaneers went from 4,672 total yards of offense in 2014 to 6,014 total yards in 2015, and also scored six additional touchdowns this past season. Koetter's play calling over the course of the season was solid, putting RB Doug Martin in good positions for explosive plays, while not being afraid to cut rookie QB Jameis Winston loose every once in awhile.
The biggest thing Koetter brought to the table in his one year as offensive coordinator before getting promoted to head coach was his masterful grooming of Winston, who ended up throwing for over 4,000 yards in his first season. After a turnover-laced first four weeks of the 2015 campaign, Koetter's careful coaching adjustments helped Winston dramatically cut back on the interceptions. At the end of the year, even though the playoffs weren't made, significant strides had been taken in getting him acclimated to the pro level, something I don't think a lot of other offensive coordinators would have been able to do as quickly as Koetter.
In his new role as head coach of the Bucs, look for Koetter to continue helping Winston mature in his NFL journey, while consistently putting a multifaceted and unpredictable offense on the field. If firing on all cylinders, the offense could be one of the most dimensional in the league, largely in part due to Dirk's influence.

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