Koetter: We Need to Live Up to Our Talent

Dirk Koetter believes in the Bucs talent, but also knows it is time to live up to that talent.

The NFL Network, in preparation for the new season, is taking one final look at the 2015 season. While each team is represented, our main focus is on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. During the feature, we get to hear head coach Dirk Koetter speak about a wide variety of topics.


The rushing offense needed improvement from 2014, and Koetter knew he had the tools to get that accomplished. 


“I was coaching in the division when Doug (Martin) was a rookie, he has a good year and then a couple of not so good years, but he also had some injuries in there. When I got here at the start of last year I knew Doug had it in him. A back like Doug needs touches. You’ve gotta be able to feed it to him,” Koetter said.


Martin went on to have a bounce back season under Koetter, averaging nearly 5 yards per carry and totaling 6 touchdowns. Martin's reemergence on the ground paved the way for early success from Bucs rookie quarterback Jameis Winston.


Koetter was also able to respond to questionable defensive play under a perceived defensive mastermind in Lovie Smith. 


“I know from going against them every day last year, that our talent is greater than most people think on that side of the ball. All 32 teams want to win the Super Bowl. Our main focus is, 'let’s achieve to the level of our talent. Let’s be a team that wins the games we’re supposed to win,'” Koetter said. 


Koetter has brought amazing energy to an organization that has lacked such energy for quite some time. The Bucs new head coach believes, but do you?


”I think we have the talent to break through. I know our players and our fans are hungry, we gotta live up to it.” 

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