Jackson Set to Release 2nd Children's Book

Vincent Jackson announces the release of his 2nd children's book.

Friday was Military Appreciation Day at the Buccaneers training camp and Bucs wideout Vincent Jackson announced that the second book of his three-book series was going to be released on September 6.  The second book features the same main character from the first book, Danny Dogtags. 


“Basically that book (Danny Dogtags Dealing with Deployment) focused on a great family story, a talking piece for my parents to sit down with young military kids and discuss the tough terms of what it’s like to transition through maybe one of your parents being deployed for an extended period of time.”  Jackson says.  “We try to make that kind of fun, light-hearted, and make it easier for parents to get that across to young kids.”

Jackson gave some detail about the next book, Danny Dogtags: Soccer Superhero, stating this book is focusing around physical health. 

“Danny is kind of having some poor choices in his nutrition, he’s struggling with his soccer games,” says Jackson.  “I come and visit the team at practice, kind of give them some basic tips on eating healthy, getting good rest, things like that.”

Both of Jackson’s parents served in the military.  Jackson’s dad was in the Army for 21 years.  There were times when he was deployed, leaving Jackson’s mom to take care of him. 

Jackson started the "Jackson in Action 83 Foundation" in November of 2012 to help provide support to military families.  They focus on educational, emotional, and physical health of military children. 

These books are excellent to help kids feel like they aren’t alone in the difficult situations they encounter by having military parents.  Being in the military can be very stressful for troops, but their families as well. 

I served four years in the Marines, and although I didn’t have a family of my own yet, I saw the struggle my fellow Marines had to deal with on a daily basis. We don’t work normal hours and do not know when we will be home each day.  We are given orders to deploy, sometimes multiple times in one year, so it can be very emotionally draining on loved ones. 

It’s heartwarming to see Jackson think back to the obstacles he had to deal with as a military child and write books for the kids.  They can look at someone like Jackson as someone who dealt with the same issues they are dealing with now.  The kids can see how he was able to overcome these issues and become not just the athlete he is, but the man he has become. 

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