Jameis Winston Receives Big Praise from NFL Network

Jameis Winston is gaining more and more publicity for the right things that he is doing.

Jameis Winston is no stranger to the national spotlight. Unfortunately, most of the national notoriety he has received in the past was due to negative publicity swirling around mistakes and accusations. Since entering the NFL, Winston has been a model citizen, and his positive publicity is growing by the day.

Winston has been a hot topic on the NFL Network in recent weeks. Former NFL receiver Nate Burleson was heaping all kinds of praise to the Bucs' franchise quarterback.

"A young man, high draft pick, comes in and he commands their (veterans) respect, and then he goes out and works even harder to keep it," Burleson said on NFL Network. "That right there, a guy removed from the game a couple of years, that makes me want to get back in."


Much has been made about Jameis Winston's drastic weight loss this off-season. The dedication and work ethic Winston has shown goes a long way with the type of leader he is. That weight loss was a result of working with Michael Jordan's trainer, Tim Grover, which also received big praise from Burleson.

"You're tap dancing on the doorstep of greatness when the guy that trains Michael Jordan is training you," Burleson said.

Jameis may be tap dancing on the doorstep of greatness right now, but he's on the verge of kicking that door in!

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