Jameis Winston Impressed with Bucs Defense

The Bucs new defense is impressing the Bucs most important player in Jameis Winston.

After Monday's practice, Bucs QB Jameis Winston heaped praise on the team's defense from what he had witnessed that day. The pass rush has shown huge signs of life thus far in training camp, something that the offensive players are starting to take notice of.

"You know, Gerald (McCoy) has just really been killing us. You just see why he's in the Pro Bowl every year, and that's so good," Winston said. "Noah Spence is amazing, he's doing really good out there. That's how you make a good team. Iron sharpens iron, we got great people on that defensive side of the ball, and we gotta produce on the offensive side."


Having such skilled defensive ends to practice against is a great thing for both the offensive line and Jameis Winston. Players as quick as McCoy and Spence force Winston to get the ball out quicker under pressure, and his decision making is constantly put to the test in practice. On the offensive line, having to block those guys can prove to be quite difficult, and makes for an excellent challenge for them to deal with. With the wide variety of different moves the Bucs' defensive line is beginning to show, getting both Winston and the offensive line acclimated to a pass rush with some Pro Bowl-caliber talent will undoubtedly pay off come game time.

One aspect of Winston's game that has been improving the most is his mobility, especially after he shed some fat this offseason. Now, as a more nimble quarterback, he is learning to use his legs more outside of the pocket. This growing ability of avoiding pressure is putting the Bucs' defense to the test, and furthermore helping it prepare for other signal callers across the league who carry a dual-threat calling card. As Winston himself said, iron sharpens iron on the practice field, and weapons on both sides of the ball that require additional strategizing to neutralize make for an effective training camp.

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