Bucs "Triplets" Among NFL's Top 10

When it comes to the NFL's best group of triplets, where should the Bucs fall?

Dave Dameshek, an NFL analyst for NFL.com, recently released his rankings on the NFL’s best triplets.  The Dallas Cowboys are at the top of his list, followed by the Green Bay Packers, then the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Arizona Cardinals are in fourth and the Buffalo Bills end round out the top five.  Last year’s NFC Champion Carolina Panthers are in sixth and the Tampa Bay Buccaneerss come in at seventh. 

“History says that when two QBs are taken with the first two picks in a draft, only one will succeed.  But one season in, Winston and Marcus Mariota are on their way to rewriting that story.  That said, Winston needs to take better care of the ball in his sophomore season.  Blue-chip talent Evans dropped too many passes last year but continued his knack of making Heisman-winning QBs look good with his range and playmaking ability on contested passes.  (FANTASY ALERT:  He’s gonna have a huge 2016.)  According to “Around the NFL” whiz Gregg Rosenthal, Martin was the second-best RB (behind Peterson) last year.”

The list isn’t that far off and he is taking into effect the suspensions of players like Tom Brady and Le’Veon Bell.  The Cowboys are too inconsistent to be number one and their running back Ezekiel Elliott already injured his hamstring in practice on Tuesday.  Let’s not forget the legal issues that surround Elliott, what was seems like every other Cowboy, before a preseason game has even been played. 

The Panthers are probably a top five set of triplets with Cam Newton, Jonathan Stewart and Greg Olson.  Next year at this time Olson may be replaced by Kelvin Benjamin if he’s able to rebound from an ACL injury. 

As for the Bucs, Winston had a good rookie year.  He lost some weight from last year and seems to be maturing right before our eyes.  A young quarterback like Winston must love having Martin behind him to hand the ball off to and a big receiver like Evans to haul in his passes.  

Winston and Evans are probably the best young duo in the league today and Martin still has enough in the tank to help them along the way.  The only reason why the Bucs aren’t higher is because we have to see if they can put it all together, whereas the teams ahead of the Bucs have proven so already.   Since the teams ahead of the Bucs have older or banged up triplets, next year at this time, we can be talking about perhaps the best trio in all of football.

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