Top 5 Takeaways From Bucs 1st Depth Chart

The Bucs released there first depth chart on Saturday. Here are the top 5 takeaways Justin Pawlowski had from it.

1. Depth at Defensive Tackle is Scarier Than We Thought
We already knew depth was scarce at defensive tackle, but after McCoy, McDonald, and Spence, the dropoff is severe. Of course, Robert Ayers and William Gholston will be available to play defensive tackle, but taking them away from end would only hurt the depth the Bucs have built at that position. What's even scarier is that defensive tackle is a physical position that leads to injuries, and the trio already there has a horrendous history of health. Rest assured, Jason Licht will have a keen eye on players around the NFL who can help the Bucs desperate situation here.

2. Kenny Bell Better Watch His Back
The biggest surprise on the first depth chart was that Kenny Bell was listed as a backup despite not making one impressive play in pads since he was selected by the Bucs in 2015. The "underwear champion" has been the talk of the Bucs' media when the Bucs are in shorts and t-shirts during the off-season, but once the pads go on the "underwear champion" turns into a ghost. Other receivers like Evan Spencer and Donteea Dye have been impressive, but the name to remember is Jonathan Krause.

3. Johnthan Banks is in Trouble
As we wrote about Saturday morning, Banks was firmly on the bubble during this year's training camp. I have been at most practices during training camp, and Banks has been very underwhelming far too often. With the new depth chart confirming that he is neck-and-neck with Josh Robinson for the 5th cornerback spot on this team, one has to wonder if keeping Banks around is even wise if he is not part of the long-term plan. Robinson might have only signed a 1-year deal, but the Bucs did go and get Robinson in free agency, while Banks is only still here because he had another year left on his rookie deal. Banks was given a fresh start, but it appears as if that ship may have sailed.

4. Depth at Linebacker Might Be Scarier than Defensive Tackle
Dirk Koetter said on Saturday that he didn't think it was mere coincidence that the defense fell apart at the tail end of last year during Kwon Alexander's 4-game suspension. Sure, Alexander is an intrical part of the defense, but looking at the names behind the Bucs' starting three linebackers makes my heart race a bit. If the Bucs suffer any injuries to their starting trio of linebackers, be prepared to see the Bucs' defense slip again.

5. Five Tight Ends Might Make the Final Roster
When Dirk Koetter was named as head coach, my first reaction was to look out for the tight ends. During Koetter's career as an offensive coordinator, he has helped tight ends like Marcedes Lewis and Tony Gonzalez to some of their best seasons in the NFL. The Bucs entered this training camp without a full back on their roster. Instead, they are absolutely loaded at tight end. Cameron Brate and Luke Stocker seem like locks, Seferian-Jenkins still has loads of talent, and Dan Vitale is a promising rookie who has shown flashes. I think 4 tight ends is a lock, but Brandon Myers could make Koetter decide to keep 5 tight ends as insurance if that position is going to be so prevalent in this offense. Don't sleep on Tevin Westbrook either. Westbrook may be a long-shot for the final roster, but the Bucs seem to like him, so I imaginea spot on the practice squad is close to guaranteed.


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