Bucs Players Begged for Licht to "Hire Dirk"

Bucs players begged Jason Licht to hire Dirk Koetter once Lovie Smith was fired.

It was a surprising move by the Bucs when they fired Lovie Smith after just 2 seasons. Once the move was made, it was the Bucs players, both offensively and defensively, that attacked general manager Jason Licht with whom the Bucs should hire as Lovie Smith's replacement.

“We had a slew of injuries and a new quarterback and a rebuilt offensive line, and we had the best offense in the history of the franchise,” Licht said to Peter King of the MMQB.com. “I starting getting texts that first week, from offensive and defensive players: ‘Please hire Dirk.’”

I have written numerous times over the off-season and into training camp that the feel at One Buc Place is a different one of much more professionalism than we've seen since the days of Jon Gruden. Also for the first time since Gruden won the Bucs a Super Bowl, Bucs players might be completely unified under their new leader.

Dirk Koetter is a man of energy, honesty, and intensity. Koetter's offenses have had success at the NFL level for a number of years with a number of different clubs and hundreds of different players. For years, Koetter has brought players together to unite and form a formidable force in the NFL. He is now taking that offensive mentality and applying it to the entire team.

For offensive and defensive players to call for the hiring of Koetter just shows you the respect he already had in the Bucs' lockerroom. Perhaps, we need to stop calling this a coaching change, and call it what it actually was, a coaching correction.

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