Bucs Called a "Problem Franchise"

The Buccaneers have gained a poor reputation for their handling of coaches.

I'll start by saying this, just because you make dumb decisions, that doesn't mean you need to stand by those dumb decisions when you realize how bad they were.

Enter the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Glazer family.

Sure, the Bucs Glazers have made three coaching changes since firing Jon Gruden in 2009. While most of us understand the real circumstances of needing to correct mistakes when you make them, there are those around the NFL that feel the Bucs have built themselves quite a bad reputation among the coaching community according to Peter King of MMQB.com.

On my camp trip, when I’ve asked coaches and executives (three so far) about the impatience of teams with head coaches, every one named Tampa Bay as a problem franchise, particularly after Smith was whacked last January despite having a rock-solid relationship with his defense and the strident support of Jameis Winston, his franchise quarterback.

Oh please. So, the only wise move the Bucs could have made was to watch any of their failures as coaches continue on? Let's recap, shall we?

It still baffles me to this day that the Buccaneers are the franchise that fired both Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden only to have the next coach be a position coach named Raheem Morris. That decision alone exemplifies the last 7 years for the Buccaneers franchise. They hired an inexperienced Raheem Morris only to finally figure out that he was in way over his head and needed to be fired after 3 seasons. He completely lost all grips of the franchise.

Photo by Justin Pawlowski
The Glazer family's answer to the whiff on Raheem Morris was to go grab the most electric coach in college football. After they missed on Chip Kelly, the Glazer family panicked and made Greg Schiano the team's next head coach. Schiano showed some promise in his first season, but his 2nd season was a complete disaster that culminated with an embarrassing display on Thursday Night Football in front of a national audience where Bucs' fans were able to display their disgust to the nation. It was a no-brainer. The Glazer family had to correct yet another mistake, and thus Greg Schiano was gone.

The Glazer family's answer to their horrendous panic move of Greg Schiano was to hire the cerebral Lovie Smith. After 8 wins in 2 years, a change needed to be made if the Bucs were going to save their real commodity in Dirk Koetter.

As I have stated in recent stories, the move to Dirk Koetter as head coach was not a coaching change, it was a coaching correction. Dirk Koetter was the right guy at the right time. He is bringing unity to the players and the fans. I expect the Glazers to give Koetter time to succeed because I don't anticipate it taking Koetter a long time to succeed.

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