Greg Cosell Heaps Praise at Jameis Winston

Greg Cosell throws praise at Jameis Winston after studying his rookie film.

Yahoo! Sports analyst Greg Cosell analyzed much of Jameis Winston's rookie season last year, and was quite impressed with his findings, writing a piece praising the sophomore QB's play. Writes Cosell:
"There’s a lot to like about Winston, and we could get a good sense of who he is as a quarterback because the Buccaneers did not run a simple offense. This was a full-throated NFL passing game last season. There was no sense that Dirk Koetter’s offense (Koetter was the Bucs’ offensive coordinator last year, and was promoted to head coach in the offseason) was geared toward a rookie who was still learning. There were a ton of concepts in the offense, both under center and from the shotgun. The offense did not seem to be simplified."
It's no secret that Winston had been acclimated to a pro-style offense while at Florida State, which definitely gave him an edge in making the transition to the NFL. However, according to Cosell, there still didn't seem to be any simplification of the offense just to better accommodate the rookie signal caller, as the Bucs ran a complex passing attack chock full of exotic plays.
Cosell later on in his piece gives some examples of Winston showing football IQ well beyond his years, specifically in reading safety coverage. In two separate examples in games against the Falcons and Colts, Winston similarly "froze" up the safety and hit tight end Cameron Brate for a touchdown. Plays like this that require specific manipulation of nuances in defenses is something not a lot of rookie quarterbacks can do at first, according to him.
In the Bucs' preseason opener at Philadelphia, Jameis Winston was seven of nine with 97 yards and a touchdown. For the most part, he looked poised as usual (minus a fumble), and if he's anything like the player Cosell thinks he is, last night's preseason debut was a confirmation of it.

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