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The Commish Says Goodbye

The Commish posts his farewell on his final day with

To those of you reading this, thank you.

For the last 2 years, I have been granted the opportunity to grow this site from the depths of the internet. When I took over this site on September 1, 2014, the site colors were maroon and silver, the logo looked incredibly stupid, the twitter account had 238 followers, and the facebook account had 311 likes. It was a disaster of a website, but a challenge I was excited to take on.

As of today, the site has achieved tremendous growth across all platforms. On twitter, we're up to nearly 5,000 follows, and on facebook, we're nearing 20,000 likes. Good luck to those who think they could do better than that!

I'd like to first thank Gil Arcia and Greg Linnelli for assisting me in the launching of this site. We hit the ground running and immediately saw a response in traffic, likes, and follows. It was an exciting time that came with a new logo, new colors for the site, and Bucs fans having a new outlet to feed their passion. Gil and Greg were fantastic pieces in helping launch the site, and I could not have done as good a job without them.

Thanks to my good friend both professionally and personally in Luke Easterling. Luke contributed to the website some, but the podcast him and I ran together once a week for the past several months was a blast. Although our partnership on this current podcast has come to an end, we still have many ventures we're exploring together. No offense to Bucs fans, but Luke is beyond just the Buccaneers now. Check him out as the managing editor at, and be on the lookout for him to become one of the top voices in the nation when it comes to the NFL Draft.

Finally, I'd like to thank Drew Forest, Tony Medero, and Greg LaFountain for their hard work and dedication over the last several months. I would personally vouch for any 3 of these gentlemen. Each of them has grown as aspiring writers over the time they wrote for me on this website. I expect to see each of them achieve big things covering the local sports teams in Tampa.

This is not a final goodbye from me completely, but it is a goodbye from the lifestyle of running this website. I have a new career that allowed me to run this site as a hobby for the past year and a half, but, fortunately for me, the time and effort needed for success in my new career will not allow the time necessary to run this site anymore.  

To clear things up, I still have a podcast, and I am currently in talks with a couple organizations who would like to bring me on board for both a local Bucs perspective and a more broad national perspective. I have a lot to think about. I look forward to announcing my next venture very soon on Twitter and Facebook. Please follow me to my next destination:

Please also subscribe to my podcast on both iTunes (Apple users) or Podbean (android). Things may be changing with the podcast, but the way to subscribe will remain.

I look forward to speaking to all of you again soon. Please continue checking this site as well. I'm sure the next publisher will be much better than I ever was.

As always, go Bucs!

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