Shelton Quarles Quotes

Bucs linebacker Shelton Quarles discusses his injury and how he feels replacement Nate Webster will do filling in.

(on his arm and the treatment)
"It's broken bad so they've got to go in and put a plate in tomorrow. I'm having surgery tomorrow morning."

(on how long he thinks he'll be out)
"I don't know. I just came back from getting a CAT scan and they're supposed to find out from the information they get from that, and give me a prognosis then."

(on coming to terms with the injury)
"It's an unfortunate situation, but it's a part of football. I'm probably in a better head space than I would have been this time last year or maybe the year before. Everything happens for a reason. The man upstairs has a purpose for everything. Hopefully this will be a learning experience I can learn from and hopefully get better from it, maybe be able to help somebody else in the future."

(on how he thinks Nate Webster will do as his replacement)
"He'll do good. Nate's a great player. This is an opportunity for him to shine. Whether or not he's here or I'm here next year, I know he's a quality guy and he'll be able to play and start for somebody."

(on if he thinks he'll be back in the lineup this season)
"I feel like I can play now. All I need is a brace. Lock me in a tackling position and I'll be ready to go. A couple of shots – I'm not afraid of those. Hopefully, everything will go well with the surgery and I'll heal up fine and be ready to go. I look at Mac (Anthony McFarland) last year and he was able to come back after six weeks and be productive for us before he got hurt again. Hopefully, I'll be able to do the same thing."

(on if he's been told his injury is similar to McFarland's)
"Yeah, it is similar to what happened to McFarland. The only thing is, something happened to my elbow, also. So that's where the problem lies. It's like a combination thing. I'm not sure exactly, but that's why they're trying to go over the information now."

(on if it was both bones in his forearm)
"Just the small bone. It was poking out, so I was actually a little nervous when I saw it. I said, 'Oh, it's broken!' or whatever. They said I was screaming like a little girl, but (the doctors) said, from what happened, I had a right to. They started giving me a little bit of trouble."

(on if it was a compound fracture)
"No, it didn't break the skin. But it was just sticking out through my … I wear long sleeves, and to see that poking out, I said, 'Oh, that's not good.'

(more on the elbow)
"Hopefully we will know today, and when I get surgery tomorrow everything will be fine and I'll be ready to go. Hopefully, I'll be going to Philly with the guys. You know I've got to go up and support my guys."

(on if he could possibly play with the arm in a soft cast)
"I'm hoping so. The quicker I can get back, the better. I'm not one of those guys who likes to stand around on the sideline. I'm definitely a cheerleader for my guys when I'm not in there, but I definitely don't want to do that for a living."

(on if he has talked to Webster)
"I talked to him a little bit. He knows. He's a great player and he just needs the opportunity to shine. He definitely has the opportunity now for a few weeks and I know he's up to the task."

(on the difference between having him and Webster on the field)
"There's not much difference. He's a fiery kind of guy. He might do a little bit more trash-talking than when I'm in there. So that's the gist of that."

(on if he's giving Webster advice)
"No, because we come in early and we study a lot together. We see a lot of the same things, but he's a great player and you'll see that in the next few weeks."

(on if Webster is controlling his emotions better than he did early in his career)
"I think so. The older you get the more you mature, so you understand your situations. Sometimes he tries to get into it with other people when he needs to be looking at the sideline, getting the next call and getting it to our defense. (Derrick) Brooks is in there and he'll do a good job of keep him under control and rein him in a little bit. They'll be ready to play."

(on if Webster will have any trouble making the defensive calls)
"It will be just fine. He played with Jamie (Duncan) when Jamie was here, and then he played with me occasionally, a few series each game, and he did an excellent job there. I don't think that him coming in and playing and being a starter is going to make that much of a difference."

(on if Webster is helped by the Bucs' fairly simple, one-gap defensive approach)
"There's more than that when you're playing Mike linebacker. If it was just Sam and he was playing the line position, it would be easier to play on the strongside than it would be to play in the middle. He has a lot of adjustments to make, but I'm confident he'll make those adjustments and be fine."

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