One Down, One to Go

The biggest game in any team's season is the one they are preparing for that week. Sure some are more emotionally charged than others. But in the NFL, every team can win on any given day. Defending Super Bowl Champions get everybody's best shot, so the Bucs cannot afford to look ahead to any game on their difficult schedule.

The Carolina Panthers are a good football team, and the Bucs know that, having won two knock down drag out contests last year. That being said, if Michael Vick was healthy it would be easy for the Bucs to look past their September 14th foe. The outstanding coaching staff in Tampa Bay is all over this, but fans have a way of expecting too much. Fans have been talking about how nice it is to be 3-0 going into the Monday night tilt against Indianapolis as if it has already happened.

The attitude around town seems to be of the opinion that the Bucs are invincible, they are amazing; but the predictions being thrown around the local tavern were borderline absurd. Talk radio call-ins were playing at the same tune. Bucs 35 Eagles 21, Bucs 42 Eagles 20; were some examples. Where exactly were all these points supposed to come from, and where was the respect for the defense? A person would have sworn they heard Ditka…………. Twohuneeerrrdtwennytooo, Eagles negative three. That's right there are some legitimate SNL Superfans around the bay area.

Don't get swept up too soon, the Panthers are not the only other good teams the Bucs will face this year. The only chance Tony Dungy has at vindication is no exception on that plane. It is so hard not to look ahead. Isn't it?

Seventeen zip is a domination, and it rewarded the Bucs with the rank of 22 against the rush, "laughable maine". The early end around and McNabb's yards in garbage time inflated that stat to remarkable heights. There is only one stat that matters when all the dust settles, and the Buccaneers have one of them. Next week look for "Two Down, One to Go".

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