October 4 - The Buccaneer Magazine stats department introduces a new feature called Stat Of The Week. This week, we take a look at the Bucs' record when the team scores field goals first instead of touchdowns since the 1997 season.

From the Buccaneer Magazine stats department, here's a Tampa Bay Buccaneers statistic to chew on this week.

Including both of Tampa Bay's games during the 2001 season (versus Dallas and Minnesota), the Bucs are 14-17 since 1997 when scoring a field goal first, and 27-11 when scoring a touchdown first. These stats include playoff games against Detroit and Green Bay (1997), Washington and St. Louis (1999) and Philadelphia (2000). They do not include shutout losses to the New York Jets (1997) and Oakland (1999).

The scoring reflected in the stat does not depend on which quarter the points were scored, and should not be assumed that all of the touchdowns and field goals were logged in the first quarter.

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