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October 7 - Buccaneer Magazine has the Buccaneers player reactions from their 14-10 win over the Packers.

CB Ronde Barber On Brett Favre¹s comeback attempt in the fourth quarter

"He plays the percentages and thinks that his receivers are going to make the plays. With two minutes to go there is no one better in the game. Today, we did the little things right"

CB Ronde Barber on the significance ofthis win:

"We definitely did not want to fall too far behind Green Bay. We had a chance to get a division win last week and we messed it up. We needed this one to stay on track."

CB Ronde Barber on playing in front of the home crowd:

"It feels good, man. Finally. It was sweet to play in front of people you know. We played hard."

CB Dwight Smith on the play of the play of the kickoff return unit:

"We¹re working at it, man. We¹d rather be more consistent than try to break the big one. Hopefully, one will pop."

CB Dwight Smith on playing in front of a big home crowd:

"It feels good, man. I played at a small college nd we didn¹t have a home crowd like this one. It¹s nice to have a crowd be behind us like this. It feels good to have support when you¹re down."

LB Shelton Quarles on his missed interception in the first quarter:

I really didn¹t think about it at the time; I was just trying to make a play on the guy. I was going for the man instead of the ball. I probably could have caught the ball. Afterward, I was hoping to get another opportunity.

LB Shelton Quarles on his subsequent interception returned for a 98 yard touchdown:

"I got kind of gassed there for a second. It took all the energy I had to keep the guy from tackling me when I kicked my feet and got going again. Mark Asanovich has us doing extra leg work on Wednesday and today it paid off."

LB Shelton Quarles on the play of the defense:

We came together as a defense. We are not just an average defense. For the most part, we played like the Buccaneer defense of old.²

OT Kenyatta Walker on his play:

³It was tough. They did some confusing things. But I¹m a rookie and I¹ve got to stick is out. Football is four quarters and it doesn¹t matter how high or how low you are you have to go out and make the plays. It¹s not like they were awesome rushers, but we got ourselves in a lot of third and long situations.²

Defensive Coordintator Monte Kiffin on the play of the defense:

³That was a great way to end the game. We didn¹t do it last week so this felt good. I like when it goes right down to the wire like that. Dallas came down to the end, Minnesota came down to the end. We won this game with defense.²

S Eric Vance on coming off the bench: ³It is tough, but that is the job of a back up in the NFL. You don¹t get a lot of reps in practice but when your number is called you¹re the tarter.²

DT Warren Sapp on the last play of the game: ³I wasn¹t going to look to see if it was a touchdown. All I did was fall on Favre because I was so tired. The look on his face and the crowd told me all I wanted to hear.²

Offensive Coordinator Clyde Christensen on not throwing the ball deep:

³We called more today than in any of the other games. We thought we had a shot the first play of the game. They came out and played deeper than I had ever seen them play on film and they took that weopon away from us from the start. We took what they gave us. We had to take the tough yardage.²

WR Keyshawn Johnson on the Buc¹s lack of success in the red zone:

³We¹ve got to capitilize on our opportunities. We have been successful moving the football. We need to do some other things offensively to get in the end zone. If you look at the film, you can probably say the three weeks off hurt our ability to finish.²

WR Keyshawn Johnson on Dunn¹s absence:

³I think it hurts us a little bit. But we¹ll design some plays to get the ball in the hands of some other guys like Mike Alstott, who has been a leader on this offense for a long time. Everyone has got to step up.²

Coach Tony Dungy on Favre¹s recent success: ³I think the Packers have a lot of guys in their core now. Bubba Franks has gotten more involved with the offense. Freeman is back playing well. Schroeder has been starting for a couple of years now, and Green is running the ball well. So everything is not on Brett¹s shoulders.²

Coach Tony Dungy on Brad Johnson¹s boot leg for a first down:

³It was a broken play. Brad was supposed to hand off to Mike. If he had he would have been tackled in the back field. It was a veteran guy improvising to make something good happen.²

Coach Tony Dungy on Alstott¹s 39 yard touchdown run:

³Mike made a great move by cutting back. We had worked on that all week. We felt we would have to run against the grain against these guys. We had some receivers working down field making things happen. You need that type of effort. You never know when the big play is going to happen.²

Coach Tony Dungy on Packers DE Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila:

³I said before the game I couldn¹t pronounce his name, but he looked like a good rusher on tape and he looked the same way live. I had a chance to talk him after the game and he seems like a great young man that is excited about playing. He brings the heat. He¹s a fun guy to watch.²

QB Brad Johnson on why he didn¹t slide on his run:

³I don¹t get enough credit for my running skills. I don¹t think I have ever slid in my entire career. I did not take too much of a beating, but on that play I felt I needed to get the first down.²

QB Brad Johnson on the fatigue factor late in the game:

³It was hot. In the fourth quarter, we were tired and they were tired. We were able to execute on certain plays at crucial times in the game. We ran the ball effectively. Mike came up big late in the game.²

QB Brad Johnson on the poor field position the Bucs endured:

³We took some penalties which put us in some poor position. The Packer kicking game also gave us a long field to work on. The last drive we finally closed.²

QB Brad Johnson on the play of WR Keyshawn Johnson:

³He played tremendously. He is an unbelievable competitor and he caught some crucial balls for us. He is got the bulk of the coverage and still caught nine balls.²

QB Brad Johnson on the play of the offense: ³I feel we are doing a lot of things right that are going to pay dividends down the road. We are moving the ball. We are converting on third down and we are not turning the ball over. We are running the ball effectively and throwing the ball effectively. The big, big passing plays are going to come. We cannot get caught up with what people are saying and try to force the issue. We are going to keep improving.²

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