Random Thoughts

October 10 - 620 WDAE morning host Sandy Penner shares some of his random thoughts in his column this week. Most of his thoughts are related to the Buccaneers, but a couple are not.

Just a few random thoughts while I ponder if John Madden's Maddencruiser would make it through a Burger King drive thru.

* Is it me or does Brad Johnson have cement feet? Some guys know how to nimbly avoid pressure even though they lack foot speed. Johnson isn't one of those guys.

* Dave Moore didn't do anything special on Sunday but just catching three balls is an accomplishment in itself. Third down is where Moore can be very effective for this team.

* It's about time for the Bucs to run some reverses for Jacquez Green to get him out in space.

* Why do I feel like I drank one too many shots of Rumpelmintz every time I watch the Bucs special teams.

* Fans that are making a big deal about other fans booing need to get a life. Booing is the right of each paying fan. There are ethics involved, but just because you boo doesn't mean you're not a good fan.

* There are actually people out there that think Warren Sapp is overrated. Put aside what you might think of him personally and watch the game. He's who offensive coordinators around the league game plan for.

* Can we please stop with "the Bucs need to do what the Rams do." The Rams have Warner, Faulk, Holt, Bruce, Hakim, Conwell and a tremendous offensive line. The Bucs, well, they don't.

* Kenyatta Walker will get better by the end of the year. Unfortunately, it might not be a game by game thing. Playing left tackle on a Super Bowl caliber team with an immobile QB is not my idea of an easy days pay.

* With Samari Rolle out for the Titans, this is the week for the Bucs to play a little jump ball with Keyshawn Johnson. Deron Jenkins is a decent player and Donald Mitchell blocked a punt last week but both are overmatched by Keyshawn.

* Since Tony dungy's head is on the chopping block with the Bucs being 2-1, why isn't Dennis Green in trouble at 1-3. Must be all those Super Bowls he's guided the Vikings to.

* Something tells me that if John Lynch and/or Derrick Brooks were really injured, they wouldn't even bother telling the trainers. They would literally have to lose a body part not to play.

* With the exception of Charles Woodson and Champ Bailey, Donnie Abraham is the best corner in the league.

* Why do the news stations insist on giving me the weather in Afghanistan? Just in case I've planned a weekend foursome in Kabul? Or is to help our military over there who've picked up the local Tampa stations on satellite. Ridiculous.

* Dead ringer. Martin Gramatica and Soprano's henchman Christopher Moltisanti (Michael Imperioli)

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