Bucs Post-Game Quotes

October 14 – Buccaneer Magazine has the player reactions from Tampa Bay's locker room after the Buccaneers fell short to the Tennessee Titans in overtime, 31-28. Click here to see what Tampa Bay's players had to say about Sunday's heartbreaking loss.

QB Brad Johnson on Tampa Bay's tough loss to the Titans:

"We came here for a win. Obviously we didn't get it and it was a great comeback for us, but we can't play the way we've played. We need to be more consistent and give ourselves a chance to win ballgames instead of having to come from behind in the fourth quarter. We're close, but we're just not getting it done. Right now, we're playing average football and average football doesn't cut it in this league."

QB Brad Johnson on the offense's comeback to send the game into overtime:

"We made a great comeback there. We had three good drives in the second half and coming back from 14 with 6:00 to go. That's impressive. We didn't capitalize in overtime and guys gave efforts today. That's not the problem. We have to play more solid football and be more consistent."

QB Brad Johnson on the offense's only drive of overtime, which started off on their own 5 yard line after a special teams' penalty:

"You're thought process in there is to just get one first down and then kind of go from there. We went back to our regular personnel and on the first play, they covered it and I ended up throwing it away. On the second one, we tried to take a shot down field and they had it covered. On the third play, they had it covered, too."

SS John Lynch on the defense's first half woes:

"It's a tough loss. We came out in the first half playing hard and the offense was actually moving the ball, but defensively, we played good but we couldn't get off the field on third downs. I think they converted darn near every third down attempt in the half. In the second half, we came out and played a lot better football. We gave ourselves a chance to win and in a game like that, that's what you ask for. Unfortunately, we didn't seize the opportunity. We let one go."

SS John Lynch on not taking the advantage of opportunities:

"There were some things with the referees, but in the end, you look back and see they beat us today. It never should have gotten to where they got 28 points. The encouraging thing is we showed a lot of fight. We came back and gave ourselves a chance to win and we didn't take advantage of the opportunity."

SS John Lynch on Titans QB Steve McNair's 54 yards rushing against their defense:

"Tony said McNair was going to go back to his old game of running around. That was big for them. He's a big, strong guy who's hard to tackle. He breaks the tackle and we're struggling with that this year. We have to find a way to keep these guys in the pocket. Getting off on third downs is typically a strength, but what happens when you struggle is you have guys trying to do more than what they're supposed to do."

SS John Lynch on returning home for a two-game home stand, including next Sunday's game against the Steelers:

"It's nice. We have two big home games here. This team is going to comeback and be ready to play next week. We have a good opponent in the Steelers and we'll be ready."

Head coach Tony Dungy on the Bucs' 31-28 loss in overtime:

"It's tough, but we never played well enough to win on the road against a tough team. We played really hard and just made too many mistakes. We ended up giving up 31 points and that makes it tough to win."

Dungy on challenging a Titans' touchdown pass and having it overturned by the referees:

"I had the flag and I was pushing the beeper and Dick is looking at me. I'm assuming they're going to stop the play. I probably should have thrown the flag. They ended up charging us a timeout and we took the challenge."

Dungy on the positive Tampa Bay's positives aspects through four games:

"The positives are we're playing hard. That will serve us well down the road. We've just got to play better. We've got to stop making the mistakes that end up killing us in the final analysis."

Dungy on QB Brad Johnson's 50 pass attempts against Tennessee:

"We felt we had to throw the ball and make some big plays. They did a good job of stacking the line of scrimmage. It's tough to run on them here because their line gets off so well on the count. It was nice to see our offense comeback from a deficit, but we just gave up too many points."

Dungy on next Sunday's game against the Steelers at Raymond James Stadium:

"It will be a big game. I guess they won today so we'll have to get ready to go."

TE Todd Yoder on the play of Tampa Bay's special teams:

"On special teams, we've got to do our part to win the game. Today, we had a couple of big plays, but we had a couple of plays that hurt us."

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