Break Out the Orange

The talk all week had been about how the Bucs had a weak schedule to finish the season. Unfortunately, no one told the Jaguars they were a weak team that was supposed to lie down and give the Bucs their second win in a row. The fact is, Jacksonville wanted it more and notched their third win of the season over the defending Super Bowl champions.

Brad Johnson finished the game with a quarterback rating of 54.3, his lowest of the year. He continued the trend of poor play that Bucs' fans are now coming to expect. The Jaguars front four routinely batted away Johnson's passes, including the Bucs' final two downs on offense. The worst trend that continued Sunday night was another bad interception, a sight all to familiar this season.

Another trend that continued was the consecutive game streak of at least one penalty on Kenyatta Walker. It is the most consistency Bucs' fans have seen from their team all year, save the excellent play of punter Tom Tupa.

The Buccaneers find themselves in the role of spoiler for the first time in five years. The Bucs will travel to New Orleans to try and knock the Saints out of the playoffs - it will be one of the few rallying cries the Bucs have left when the Jacksonville loss sets in.

It might be time to bring back the creamsicle jerseys to commemorate the Bucs fall from grace. The orange jerseys might get a few more seats filled when the Bucs come home to face the sophomore Houston Texans in two weeks. A team that will have a better win loss total than the champs.

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