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October 17 - Penner has decided to take a break from the Bucs' talk this week and focus on several of last Sunday's close games. Relive the final minutes of those games in Penner's weekly column.

Whoever invented the remote control should be given sainthood status. At the same time the people at DirecTV who came up with the NFL Sunday Ticket should also be held in the highest esteem. Combined, those two made for an eventful twenty seven minutes for yours truly this past Sunday. 6 games, 3 OT's, a couple of disturbances and an overwhelmed clicker later, I was truly in football nirvana. I took the liberty of going minute by minute through one of the most exhilarating NFL Sunday's in a long time.

3:59 - Steve Smith returns a punt 70 yards for a touchdown and the Carolina Panthers go ahead of New Orleans 25-20.

4:01- Jeff Garcia to Terrell Owens for the TD and the 49ers tie the Falcons late. Somebody needed to resuscitate the Falcon fans to let them know what happened.

4:03 - I flick on the Rams-Giants game and Jints coach Jim Fassell is arguing about something. Funny, I saw the same thing an hour ago.

4:04 - My wife asks me something. I'm not listening, so my response is "I don't think so honey." Hope it wasn't important.

4:05 - Am I having a flashback? Randall Cunningham, in for the loopy Elvis Grbac, goes airborne for the TD and the Ravens are within one score of Green Bay. It's also raining movie like rain at Lambeau. You know, the kind that doesn't look real.

4:06 - It can't be! Charlie Batch is leading the Lions down the field, trying to pull off the upset in Minnesota. Where's Eric Hipple when you need him?

4:07 - My clickers not working!!! Oh, here it is. What, it's Barney. My daughter Tori has sabotaged the TV. It's quickly stopped.

4:08 - Back to football, Tom Brady leads a last second drive and the gritty Patriots have tied the gritty Doug Fluties.

4:09 - It's over on the raining tundra of Lambeau Field as the Pack is most definitely back. Who kidnapped the Raven defense before the game?

4:10 - The Rams survive the Giants. Kurt Warner and Torry Holt single-handedly destroy my fantasy chances.

4:12: - The Niners fumble in OT. Falcons ball. What's was the line in this one?

4:13 - One play, win or lose for the New Orleans. Ricky Williams sweep left on a brilliant call by coach Jim Fassell. Saints win, Saints win.

4:14 - Since when is Wade Richey the Chargers kicker? Anyway, he misses and the Bolts and Patsies are going OT.

4:15 - The phone rings. Who could this be? It's The Sporting News telling me if I don't want to miss any of the exciting NFL action, I should re-up with them for another 12 years. I politely tell them I'm hanging up on them.

4:16 - The Vikings hold off the stubborn Lions. Detroit is truly awful. Not sure about the Vikes yet.

4:17 - Booooyah. Brad Johnson hits the rejuvenated Dave Moore for a Touch and the Bucs are going OT against the Titans.

4:19 - Garcia to Owens again, ball game. What'd you say the line was?

4:21 - My wife screams out to me that she changed her mind about what she asked me before. I say, "OK Honey." I have a feeling it probably was important.

4:22 - Well, what do you know, the Bucs win the toss and elect to take the ball. Like Rosie O'Donnell attacking a buffet, it was imminent, a penalty on the kickoff. Bucs start out on the 10 yard line. Before I can even change the batteries in the remote, they're three plays and out.

4:23 - Adam Viniateri kicks the game winning FG and Drew Bledsoe is becoming more and more of a distant memory for Patriot fans.

4:26 - With all other games over, I now focus squarely on the Bucs and their defense trying to make a play. They don't, Joe Nedney does, and the Titans beat the hometown heroes in OT.

As I take a big sigh, I'm relieved that there's only two 4:00 games to follow. If there's such a thing as football overload, I encountered it on Sunday. Now back to the real world of wife questions, Barney tapes and phone call solicitors. Despite that, nobody can take that 27 minutes away from me. Nobody.

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