Buccaneer Magazine Week 6 Picks

October 20 – The Buccaneer Magazine staff standings are extremely tight after five weeks of games. Only five games separate contributing writer Greg Gargula, who is in first place, and staff writer Jim Flynn, who is in last. Scott Reynolds and Sandy Penner are tied for second place and only trail Gargula by one game. It's time for the Buccaneer Magazine staffers to give their Week 6 picks.

Buccaneer Magazine Staff Standings

Greg Gargula 47-23

Scott Reynolds 46-24

Sandy Penner 46-24

Steve Himes 45-25

Leo Haggerty 43-27

Jim Flynn 42-28


Sandy Penner 8-5

Steve Himes 7-6

Scott Reynolds 7-6

Leo Haggerty 6-7

Greg Gargula 5-8

Jim Flynn 5-8

Buffalo at Jacksonville Thursday Night Result: Bills 13 Jaguars10

Buffalo- None

Jacksonville – All Six

Atlanta at New Orleans

Atlanta- None

New Orleans- All Six

Baltimore at Cleveland

Baltimore – Flynn, Gargula, Himes, Penner, Reynolds

Cleveland – Haggerty

Carolina at Washington

Carolina - Flynn, Haggerty, Himes, Penner

Washington- Gargula

Chicago at Cincinatti

Chicago- Gargula

Cincinnatti- Flynn, Haggerty, Himes, Penner, Reynolds

Denver at San Diego

Denver- Flynn, Gargula, Himes, Penner, Reynolds

San Diego- Haggerty

Green Bay at Minnesota

Green Bay – Flynn, Himes, Reynolds

Minnesota - Gargula, Haggerty, Penner

Kansas City at Arizona

Kansas City- Gargula, Haggerty, Penner

Arizona- Flynn, Himes, Reynolds

New England at Indianapolis

New England – None

Indianapolis – All Six

Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay

Pittsburgh – None

Tampa Bay – All Six

St. Louis at NY Jets

St. Louis – Flynn, Gargula, Himes, Reynolds

NY Jets – Haggerty, Penner

Tennessee at Detroit

Tennessee - All Six

Detroit - None

Philadelphia at NY Giants

Philadelphia - None

NY Giants - All Six

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