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October 21 - Find out what some of the Buccaneers players had to say about their performances in their loss to the visiting Pittsburgh Steelers. Tampa Bay's locker room was not a happy one and Buccaneer Magazine has the player quotes.

Coach Tony Dungy on the Steeler game in general:

³I thought we had a good effort, but four or five plays over the course of a game can make a difference. We didn¹t come up with the plays at those crucial times. Pittsburgh played its game, made the big plays when it counted. What we have to do now is stay together. The bottom line is we are 2-3 and thats not where we wanted to be. We have to play a little better to get things going.²

Coach Tony Dungy on the failed on side kick attempt:

³I didn¹t see much of the play. The referee said the replay showed clearly he didn¹t have possession of the ball at any time. That is why they have instant replay; to get the calls correct. The discussion on the field centered on whether it was indeed a reviewable play.²

Coach Tony Dungy on the failure of the offensive line to protect Brad Johnson:

³It is going to be hard to win when we have to get into a throwing game. We had to throw the ball the entire second half. That¹s not what we wanted to do. We thought we had developed a scheme to protect Brad. We did have some breakdowns. Brad also held the ball at times. But that is what happens when you fall behind.²

Coach Tony Dungy on the play of the defense:

³We¹re not making the big plays when we need to. To make big plays everyone has to do their job. We had a couple of interceptions and a fumble recovery. We held Pittsburgh¹s running game in check for the first half. But even then, we didn¹t come up with the third down stops we need to get the ball back. We need to develop some consistency.²

Coach Tony Dungy on the team¹s position after five games:

³I hate to say this but we¹ve been here before. We have to stick together. There is still a lot of football to be played and we have some key central division games coming up. If we win those we can get ourselves back in the race.²

Coach Tony Dungy on the Bucs playing emotionless²:

³I don¹t think we ever play without emotion or enthusiasm. We had a chance to make some plays early in the game. We got to the Pittsburgh five yard line and couldn¹t get it in the end zone. They take the ball and score on a well-designed play. We were right there, then fell way behind by allowing the long run in the second half.²

Coach Tony Dungy on the Bettis 46 yard touchdown run:

³It was a cut back run. When Bettis broke in back, I think we overran it. We cannot allow that to happen. We needed to stop them and force them to try a field goal. These are the things that have happened to up all year. One big play at the wrong time.²

Coach Tony Dungy on the play of Keyshawn Johnson: ³I thought Keyshawn played well. He got hurt at the end of the game, but he gave everything he had.²

Coach Tony Dungy on the play of Frank Murphy: ³Frank¹s a good player. He works hard in practice and this is the first real opportunity he¹s had to play and he stepped up and got the job done for us.²

QB Brad Johnson¹s post game remarks:

³In the first half we got the ball in very poor field position. We had three possessions and came up without any points. We moved the ball effectively, running and passing. The drive we scored on we moved the ball the entire field and came up with three points.

³The second half we tried to get things going. We struggled running the ball. We got down and had to start throwing the ball. They put a lot of pressure on us today. We knew they would. They blitzed us from all different areas.

³We fought hard as a team today. We never quit; this team never quits. We just didn¹t execute in certain areas of the game. They outplayed us in those phases. We¹ve dug ourselves a little hole right now, but we¹re going to stick together and work together and pull out of it. We now have to work hard this week and get ready for Minnesota, and find a way to win these ballgames.²

WR Jacquez Green on the offense:

³We can¹t run the ball. We get guys open and somehow can¹t get the ball to them. I just try to run my route. When we get to the red zone we are settling for field goals instead of scoring six.²

WR Jacquez Green his frustration with not getting the ball more:

³Yeah, the frustration is mounting. When we have a chance to make big plays we don¹t hit them. I know the offense is going to start with Key and Warrick. But when you I feel I¹m open or have an opportunity I want to make the most of it. I think I only have one drop this year; against Minnesota. So I think I¹ve shown I can catch the ball. Hopefully, I¹ll get more opportunities.²

OT Kenyatta Walker on the play of the offensive line:

³It¹s a tough loss. I'm very frustrated right now. They had us frustrated the whole game. They stunted very well. They seemed to call the right blitz on every play. They just whupped us today.²

WR Frank Murphy on getting some playing time:

³We would like to have gotten a win today. It is nice to be able to come out and help the team. It¹s hard to take any satisfaction because we lost. We¹ve got to keep working hard and keep plugging.²

S John Lynch on the play of Jerome Bettis:

³We let him get a couple of long runs and when he starts running downhill, he¹s tough to bring down. He did a lot of cut back running, so we¹ll have to look at the film and check on the gaps.²

S John Lynch on what the team needs to work on:

³I wish it were just one thing. Right now we¹re struggling. What we¹ve talked about as a team is that everyone needs to focus on doing their job, and that is the way we will dig ourselves out. Unfortunately, we¹ve been here before.²

S John Lynch on the defense¹s reputation:

³We are not playing like we¹re accustomed to playing, that¹s for sure, and that is frustrating. We like to think we¹ve set a standard here and, like it or not, the defense is not living up to that standard. We need to re-establish it on the field, making teams dread playing the Buc defense. If we do, we give ourselves a better chance to win.²

Offensive Coordinator Clyde Christensen on the offense:

³Obviously, we need to run the ball more effectively. We have found a way to use Keyshawn more, but Warrick¹s been a little banged up. One of the biggest problems, today, was field position. When you start so deep in your own end, it really limits our options. So, we didn¹t have many snaps early and all of a sudden you have to switch to the two minute offense.²

Offensive Coordinator Clyde Christensen on the Steelers sacking Brad Johnson ten times:

³He took a ton of shots today. He¹s a tough guy and certainly no one can question his heart. We have to take a long hard look at the film and see what took place. We cannot continually subject our quarterback to that many hits and expect him to answer the bell each week.²

Offensive Coordinator Clyde Christensen on the capabilities of the offense:

³We could run the ball forty-five times; we¹ve done that before. We could go two minute all day. We have the people to do whatever we need in a particular situation.²

Offensive Coordinator Clyde Christensen on the suggestion he re-assess the offenive scheme:

³We re-assess every week based on the opponent. We ask ourselves OWhat do we need to implement this week to give us the best chance of winning this game?¹. If that game plan calls for three tight ends and run the ball sixty-five times, that is what we¹ll do. This is a process we go through in every game plan.²

Offensive Coordinator Clyde Christensen on the Bucs¹ postion after five games:

³We are back in the same boat we were last year at this time. We¹re playing from behind. Our backs are against the wall. We didn¹t intend to be in this position, so each game now takes on greater importance.²

CB Ronde Barber on Jerome Bettis:

³Giving up long runs is uncharacteristic of this defense. When Bettis starts running downhill, he¹s a load to bring down. He broke some tackles on his first run. He¹s a tough guy; a tough running back.²

CB Ronde Barber on losing at home:

³It¹s not good. You expect to win all of your home games and we put forth a pretty good effort. We just came up a little short. Losing at home hurts double a loss on the road. Now we are one in the hole, so we have to go on the road and win two. I¹m not worried now. If its December and we have no shot at the playoffs, then I¹ll be worried.²

CB Ronde Barber on the Bucs not seeming to blitz as often:

³We did more today than we have in previous weeks. I¹m not getting any of the calls, though. At the end of last year, when I would blitz I would get smashed in the mouth. So I think some of the teams caught on to my act. Now we are relying more on our basic defense.²

WR Keyshawn Johnson on the Bucs meeting their expectations:

³We are more worried about getting a win than we are about the expectations of the fans and the media. We¹ve been in this position before. We made to the playoffs last year, and there is a lot of football to be played still. That said, Minnesota is a very important game. We cannot afford to go 2-4; losing to teams we should beat. If we should happen to lose, this could turn into a very long football season.²

WR Keyshawn Johnson on what needs to be done to improve on field results:

³Anytime someone can¹t catch a football or can¹t make a tackle there is really no excuse. We practice this stuff every day. We know what we are supposed to do, we just need to translate this to the field on game day. At this particular time, everyone on this team needs to dig deep and do their job. Its not panic time, but it is gut-check time. We¹re fighting to survive against the other teams in this division. Look at Chicago. There are no easy games left.²

WR Keyshawn Johnson on not scoring any questions through five games:

³We¹re just trying to move the football and score points. As long as we have more points at the end of the day. That¹s all I care about.²

WR Keyshawn Johnson on the Steelers blitzing:

³We knew they were going to bring the house. Some of them we picked up; others we missed. Someone told me Brad got hit twenty times. I saw him getting off the ground alot and I don¹t like to see that. We have to work harder to protect him because he may the most valuable player on this team. Not the wide receivers or running backs, the quarterback is the most important player to this offense.²

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