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October 28 - Buccaneer Magazine has the Bucs players and head coach Tony Dungy's comments from the Tampa Bay locker room after their 41-14 win over the Minnesota Vikings.

Coach Tony Dungy on the Bucs performance:

³Its obviously easier to talk about wins than losses. This is what we are capable of doing. This group has all of the ingredients of a good football team. We have not put together offense, defense and special teams until today. This is our third Central Division game with a stretch of division games coming up. This is when we have to be at our best. We¹re still in the hunt for the NFC Central championship. That¹s what our goal continues to be.²

Coach Tony Dungy on preparing for the Vikings:

³We didn¹t do much differently this week, but we had a certain focus in practice. The guys knew needed to be done to play well and I¹m proud of them for getting it done. We played our game today.²

Coach Tony Dungy on Alstott's role:

³I think this is a case of who is in there and available. We don¹t go into a game thinking we have to give the ball to this guy or throw the ball to that guy. We¹ve got a lot of good players and Mike is one who does a great job for us. Both Mike and Warrick are capable of running the ball for us and being successful. Its not so much who is in the game, its not what we do but how we do it. When we do it like we did it today we will be fine.²

Coach Tony Dungy on the success of the running game:

³We blocked extremely well, we hit them, and our guys ran with great effort. We got our guys into the secondary and made some people miss tackles. This allowed us to convert some third downs, and we were able to hold the ball. This gave us a chance to succeed on the defensive side of the ball.²

Coach Tony Dungy on the play of the defense:

³This is how we should play. We were swarming the ball carriers and that, to some degree, has been missing. Today we had it back and now the challenge is to play with this type of intensity in the upcoming games. If we do, it can lead to some good things.²

Coach Tony Dungy on the play of Jameel Cook:

³Jameel is capable of playing great ball. We liked him coming out of college and he is a very tough guy. He did a great job blocking for Mike. The big backfield gave us a different look today.²

Coach Tony Dungy on the Bucs¹ plans when Dunn is available:

³We¹re have to take a look at the situation. Mike had a good game against Green Bay last time we played them. But Warrick can do a lot of things and we have to get ball to him. Again, its not so much who but how we are doing things that determines the people needed.²

Coach Tony Dungy on Keyshawn Johnson¹s injury:

³Keyshawn got hit right on the knee. We are going to have to assess the damage. A lot of us didn¹t think he would play this week. He has a great ability to bounce back.²

Coach Tony Dungy on the play of the punt return team:

³We finally had a chance to return some this week. They weren¹t punting from the 50 yard line and hanging them down to the 5. They had to try to bomb some long ones so Karl Williams had some room. Karl¹s a good return man. The more chances he gets in the open field the better we are going to look as a unit.²

Coach Tony Dungy on Todd Washington¹s kick return:

³That was a pretty impressive run, one of the better returns of the day.²

QB Brad Johnson on the game:

³This is a great win for our team. Now we need to put performances like this back-to-back. This is simply playing better football. Offensively, we got into a rhythm early. We were able to get into a lot of second and short and third and short situations. That is what we try to do.²

QB Brad Johnson on the importance of this win:

³We knew this was a critical game. We were finally able to score in the red zone, and we didn¹t feel they could stop us today. We got our running game going. We¹ve fallen behind in past games so we have had go to the pass in the second half of those. Now we have put ourselves back into the division race.²

RB Aaron Stecker on his touchdown:

³Brad did a good job to avoid the blitz. It was a perfect call. After I broke the first tackle and saw the receiver making a block, I put my head down and went to the goal line. ³

RB Aaron Stecker on Todd Washington¹s kick return:

³That was awesome. He picked up the ball, their guy tried to make a play and Todd ran over him. He had a nice little move on the sideline and switched the ball like a running back. He said he played tailback in high school. That was the highlight of the game in my opinion.²

OL Todd Washington on his return:

³That was just me trying to make a play, trying to make something happen. It was also a way to tell Minnesota that this is not your day. I was a short yardage fullback in high school and the skills I learned then I¹ve never forgotten. I know about switching hands, stiff-arming and all of that. It was great and I loved it.²

RB Mike Alstott on his performance:

³I think I should have gotten more yards. There is still room for improvement. I fell a couple of times and lost my balance three or four times. That is why you watch tapes and practice; to get better. No one is perfect out there.²

RB Mike Alstott on sharing duties with Dunn:

³We¹ve done it in the past and been successful. We have coaches who are paid to make the decision on who gets the ball. The bottom line is winning and we need to keep it going.²

RB Mike Alstott on next weeks game against Green Bay:

³Its always tough to go into Lambeau Field and beat a very good Packer team. We need to carry this momentum into next week. It will be a tough game, a real dog fight. We need to be on the top of our game.²

SS John Lynch on the game:

³We had to maintain our focus out of respect for Minnesota¹s offense. They can do a lot of things. We kept putting points on the board and that gave the defense a little breathing room. We kept pressing and had that Ogo for the jugular mentality and that served us well.²

SS John Lynch on the importance of stopping the Vikings on their first drive:

³Monte put on the board he hoped we would face some adversity early and we did. It was a situation where we were backed up in some poor field position, had a punt that kind of went off Mark¹s foot wrongly, and they are right there. We looked at that as a challenge. We held them and that kind of set the tone for the whole day.²

SS John Lynch on Washington¹s kick return:

³I will tell you he showed some skills out there. The collision was something. Certain hits you get worried about the other guy¹s health. I was really worried because that was a violent collision. I¹ve been hit by Todd and I know he packs a punch.²

SS John Lynch on the play of the defense:

³This is what we are capable of doing and this is the type of play we expect out of ourselves. We were able to get off the field on third down and get the ball to the offense.²

SS John Lynch on Dungy¹s role the past week:

³Its weird to say this as a player, but I¹m really proud of Tony on how he stepped things up this week. He demonstrated some tremendous leadership and we took his direction. He put us in the proper frame of mind to get the job done. We gave him the game ball for his work. Warren presented it to him right after the game.

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