Bucs Post-Game Quotes

November 4 - Buccaneer Magazine has the Tampa Bay player reactions to their 21-20 road loss to the Green Bay Packers. The Bucs players also talk about next Sunday's game at Detroit.

CB Ronde Barber on the Bucs devastating loss to the Green Bay Packers:

"We put forth one heck of an effort. This game, we can just give credit to them (the Packers). They made a play at the end of this game with the punt return that won it for them. If we would have had to go out and play defense again, I think we would have stopped them. It's hard to take, but you have to suck it up and get ready for next week. We'll be back.

Barber on Packers RB Ahman Green's third quarter touchdown run:

I think we did what we had to do to win in the second half to put it away and win it. But we gave away that one long touchdown run to Ahman Green, which is pretty inexcusable. But other than that, we played pretty good defense. When someone needed to make a play at the end, they are the ones that made the play."

SS John Lynch on the 21-20 loss to Green Bay: Lynch on Green Bay always coming up with the big play to beat Tampa Bay:

"They've always found a way up here to make a big play at some course during the game. The run from Ahman got us, and we can't allow them to do that to us. And the punt return was obviously the one that broke our back. Even then, we felt like we had a great opportunity when you have Martin (Gramatica) on your side. We like our chances if we can just get him close. Unfortunately, we never got him close enough for the opportunity to make that kick. But really, we should've never been in that position."

Lynch on the Bucs' chances of rebounding from 3-4 for the fourth season in a row:

"I think we can. Losses like this are unbelievably discouraging, but I guess we can draw on past experience. We're not out of it, but we have to win most of our games now, and that's the situation we've put ourselves in."

Head coach Tony Dungy on the loss to Green Bay:

"We fought hard. We made some mistakes that hurt us and made some penalties down the stretch that really hurt. We were running out of manpower on defense. We had guys playing hard, but guys started getting hurt. It was just a tough day. But I thought our guys fought as hard as they could, but we gave up just one too many big plays."

Dungy on the injuries the Bucs suffered in their loss to Green Bay:

"Donnie got hurt on his interception return. We had a lot of guys doing double duty after that. Todd Yoder went out early in the game with a concussion, so our guys had to play a little more on special teams. It's one of those things where guys had to just suck it up and we did, but we didn't play good enough today."

Dungy on the breakdowns on Allen Rossum's 55-yard game-winning punt return for a touchdown.

"They doubled our outside guys and they got a good punt to handle and took it straight up inside. It didn't look like anyone had a shot at him. He kind of went untouched and that was the story."

Dungy on Tampa Bay's 3-4 regular season start for the fourth season in a row:

"We're going to have to (pull it out). It's tough. We've had several chances to win some games through the first half of the game. And now we have to get it going and make those games up in the second half."

Dungy on next Sunday's game at Detroit:

"It's going to be another tough road game and we've got to get healthy and find a way to win it, and I think we will."

DT James Cannida on Tampa Bay's loss to Green Bay:

"It's frustrating to go play how we played and get four turnovers, but one big run gets out of the gate. There was a loose ball on the ground and we didn't get to it. We've just got to keep preparing how we've been preparing and come out and get the job done next week."

Cannida on filling in for the injured DT Anthony McFarland:

"I think I came out a little slow. Throughout the game though, I got loosened up and did what I did last week against Minnesota. I relaxed and made plays. I wanted to come out and help us get a win, but that didn't happen."

RB/FB Rabih Abdullah on the special teams allowing Allen Rossum's game-winning 55-yard punt return for a touchdown.

"They tried to give us a different look. It just so happens that he hit the right seam and made something happen. We studied a lot of film on them and we did a lot of preparation on various returns and it just so happens that on that return in the game, they blocked it very well."

Dungy on Packers return man Allen Rossum:

"He's a good player. He's a dangerous return man and we held him in check most of the day, but in a close game, one play can make the difference."

Dungy on Packers RB Ahman Green's 63-yard touchdown run in the third quarter:

"They actually blocked it differently. They reached everybody and got him through to the secondary and we weren't able to get him down. It was just one of those plays. They hit it right and he's a good back and he made it to the end zone."

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