It's So Hard to Say Goodbye

John Lynch patrolled the Bucs' secondary for eleven seasons before being released Thursday. Fans will miss his bone jarring hits and teammates will miss his formation recognition skills. Lynch was an extension of the coaching staff on the field that was sorely missed when injuries forced the safety to the sidelines last season. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that Lynch is no longer capable of defending deep passes.

The Buccaneers will miss his Lynch's intelligence, but his leadership qualities will be missed the most. The defense played undisciplined football at times last year, and the veteran safety's departure will do anything but correct this problem. Derrick Brooks will have his work cut out for him keeping the emotional unit on an even keel next season.

The worst part about this move is that Lynch offered to restructure his contract and the organization did not accept. You have to wonder if Rich McKay would have worked with the fan favorite to get some kind of deal worked out. The Bucs are alienating fans at a dangerous rate; maybe they are trying to clear space on the season ticket waiting list.

Lynch's skills are diminished, but it is hard to believe that he would not be able to contribute positively next year, especially at the league minimum for veterans. When training camp rolls around and the secondary is in disarray look for the Bucs to reconsider this move.

If Lynch does not make his way back to the roster he should get into local politics. His foundation is one of many charitable contributions he has made to the community. Hopefully, he will continue to live in the area because he is a quality citizen that would make any community stronger. Unfortunately, football teams cannot keep you around because you are a good guy who has lost a step, but they can keep you if you have questionable morals and are coming off a strong performance in the Super Bowl.

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