Hello Joey

Joey Galloway is excited to be on a team that expects to win. After playing his entire career on teams in the process of rebuilding Galloway will finally have a chance to play on a championship caliber team. His enthusiasm seems genuine and so does his desire to play in Jon Gruden's offense.

Galloway said he only thinks about his reconstructed knee when he is asked about it. He would not share his 40 time, but stated that he still has the same kind of speed that did when he entered the NFL. That kind of speed would go a long way in improving the Buccaneers' return game. Galloway said he would come to camp with an open mind, but does not see himself returning kickoffs. However, he did seem excited for the opportunity to return punts; and so should Buc fans.

There are already a couple of quality receivers wearing pewter, and Galloway recognized that he might not come in as the number one option. That did not seem to be his major concern; in talking to him it appears that his motivation is to win. A refreshing change from the type of receiver that worries about his touches and excuses more than wins.

The receiver will be a team player. When asked about whether or not he thought he would start he replied by showing respect to Keenan McCardell and Joe Jurevicius. He referred to them as talented veterans and he just wanted to do his part to help the team win. This is the PC answer, but it seems sincere. Look for him to stretch the field when he gets the chance, and not hit the turf immediately after every catch.

Galloway agreed to a one-year, $2 million contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and can earn an additional $600,000 in incentives.

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