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November 11 – Buccaneer Magazine has the players and head coach Tony Dungy's reaction from their locker room in the Pontiac Silverdome after they escaped Detroit with a 20-17 victory on Sunday. The Bucs players and Dungy also talk about their next opponent-the 6-2 Chicago Bears.

DT Warren Sapp on his two sacks in Tampa Bay's 20-17 win victory over Detroit:

"It's even more than that (the two sacks). We got us a win. That's what we came up here for was a win. We got ourselves to 4-4 and we're going to role from this point because we got us a division opponent coming into our house. We got it going a little bit."

Sapp on Detroit overcoming a 10-point deficit to nearly defeat the Bucs:

"They came out with some funky stuff at the end and got a couple of drives going, but for the most part, all we had to do was get them out of the end zone and get ourselves in a position to win the game."

Sapp on Tampa Bay's offensive performance against Detroit:

"We got to tip our hats off to that offense today. Warrick Dunn, Keyshawn (Johnson), Alstott and Brad Johnson putting the ball right on top of it. And Marti (Gramatica) kicking us home with another win."

Sapp on PR Karl Williams 84-yard punt return for a touchdown in the third quarter:

"I think the Truth kind of felt like he let us down when he dropped that fair catch because he's never done that to us. We put the ball back in his hands, put him back out there and he come through for us like always. It was a big, big play by the Truth, taking it all the way to the house and the other 10 guys blocking."

PR Karl Williams on Tampa Bay's hard fought win over Detroit

"We played 60 minutes and it took all 60 minutes to win. We hung in there and stuck together to come out with a victory."

Williams on his muffed fair catch, which eventually led to a Detroit touchdown

"I made a fair catch signal and the guy flashed right in front of me. It's a controversial call, it could've went either way. With the guy flashing in front of me, I lost sight of the ball for a second and that's all it takes. It was just one of those things."

Williams on Detroit not getting called for fair catch interference on the muffed punt

I thought I should have gotten the call, but not here in Pontiac. You don't get calls like that.

Williams on his 84-yard punt return for a touchdown, which was the fourth of his career

"The guys up front are blocking real well. We had a slow start, but a lot of the returns in the beginning of the year were really close. The guys just stayed after them, I made a couple of people miss and I hit the sidelines and it was off to the races from there."

Williams on making up for his fumble earlier in the game with the touchdown return

"If you give one away, you've got to get one yourself. That's all that was going through my mind. I had to get in the end zone and make up for the mistake I made."

K Martin Gramatica on what was going through his mind as he walked onto the field attempt the game-winning field goal

"I tried to stay as relaxed as possible and Mark (Royals) and I usually talk a little bit just to get my mind off of it. I just treat it like a regular field goal. I don't want to over kick it. They're a great block team and our guys did outstanding up front. I didn't feel any penetration and I felt good all day. We had a good snap and hold. They guys up front helped us out a lot."

Gramatica on how hard it was to kick the game-winning field goal with Detroit's loud crowd

"I don't even know if there was a crowd. I was so focused in that moment that I don't remember hearing any noise."

Gramatica on the importance of the Bucs' win over the Lions

"Detroit is a lot better than their record. You've got to give them that. They played hard, they fought and we just did what it took to win. I'm glad we got the W today"

TE Dave Moore on the crowd noise in the Pontiac Silverdome

"Fortunately for us, the crowd was out of the game because of their record. So, we could hear the snap count, which helped our running game there for a while. It did get loud there at the end, but then again, every time we run two-minute on the road, it's pretty loud."

Moore on the offense's inability to finish off some drives

"I just think we couldn't finish off some blocks. They made some adjustments at halftime. They brought the safety up in the box and they were shooting some guys. We were a little more conservative, not necessarily taking shots like we were earlier in the game. We put our defense in a tough position and they certainly slowed them down enough so we could win it at the end."

Moore on his responsibilities throughout the game against the Lions

"I had to do some chipping to help with protection. Any time you get in an away domed stadium, especially with the noise, the tackles have trouble getting off of the ball, so I was giving some shots before I went out. I was a little late getting out of there and I kind of screwed up some of my reads."

Moore on the first half of the Bucs' season and the remaining eight regular season games

"There's two ways to look at it. Yes, we've been here before, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything different is going to happen. We didn't help ourselves. We certainly had three road games we could've won and didn't. It was nice to pick up another one on the road to go along with Dallas. We're going to have to build on this every week. We've got to make sure we finish drives on offense and stop them at the end on defense."

Moore on the Bucs' opponent next Sunday at Raymond James Stadium-the Chicago Bears

"We're looking forward to that game. They have some big guys inside and a linebacker that can run. They're playing real well together and they're making plays. So, we're just going to have to go out and not make big mistakes. We can't turn the ball over and we're going to have to just man up on defense and take it to them."

Head coach Tony Dungy on the difficult of winning in Detroit

"It is tough to win up here. We've come up here in the past and really struggled, so to get this win and get us back to 4-4 is great. We're coming home to play Chicago next week, and it doesn't much better than that."

Dungy on Tampa Bay's struggles in the second half against Detroit

"We had a lot of things going well for us in the first half and we just didn't finish off the drives. We got our running game going and we were completing our third down passes. We maintained the ball for about 18 minutes. We knew they would come out in the second half and play us more aggressively. They blitzed and tried to put us in bad plays. We didn't convert our third downs in the second half and we had a lot of three and outs. We needed the last drive to win it, and we got it."

Dungy on the Bucs' special teams ability to contain Lions PR/KR Desmond Howard

"Desmond had been effective against everybody we'd seen. We put a lot of emphasis on it and we actually had some guys activated today strictly for the coverage units. They did a great job. They didn't allow him (Howard) to create the field position for Detroit's offense. We made him go the long route for the most part and that was a big part of our victory."

Dungy on DT Warren Sapp's leg injury late in the fourth quarter

"I think he's going to be okay. We would have liked to have had him in there on the next play. It was good to see Warren get going and hopefully that will get us started."

Dungy on Gramatica's game-winning field goal

"He's kicking really well. It's great to have that feeling that anytime you send him out there, no matter what the situation and no matter how big the kick is, you feel like you're going to make it. That was a big one today."

Dungy on facing the 6-2 Chicago Bears next Sunday at Raymond James Stadium

"They're playing well and they've got six victories in the first half. So, we've really got to win this ballgame to tighten up the race and hopefully we can get that done. It's going to take a big effort, but we're looking forward to it."

Dungy on the second half of the season after the Bucs finished the first half at 4-4

"The thing we benefit by is we get some great practices in the second half of the year. Up North, it's a little harder do that, but we've got to make hay. We've got to improve in the second have, which we usually do."

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