Buccaneer Magazine Week 10 Staff Picks

November 17 – The Buccaneer Magazine staff standings are extremely tight after nine weeks of games. Contributing writer Greg Gargula is in sole possession of first place, but only has a two game lead over contributing writer Steve Himes, who has overtaken editor-in-chief Scott Reynolds for second place. It's time for the Buccaneer Magazine staffers to give their Week 10 picks.

Buccaneer Magazine Staff Standings

Greg Gargula 81-45

Steve Himes 79-49

Scott Reynolds 78-48

Sandy Penner 77-49

Leo Haggerty 71-55

Jim Flynn 69-57


Steve Himes 13-2

Sandy Penner 12-3

Scott Reynolds 12-3

Greg Gargula 10-5

Leo Haggerty 10-5

Jim Flynn 9-6

New England at St. Louis

St. Louis- Flynn, Gargula, Haggerty, Himes, Penner

New England – Reynolds

San Francisco at Carolina

Carolina- Panthers

San Francisco- Flynn, Gargula, Himes, Penner, Reynolds

Tennessee at Cincinnatti

Cincinnatti – Penner

Tennessee – Flynn, Gargula, Haggerty, Himes, Reynolds

Atlanta at Green Bay

Green Bay - All Six

Atlanta- None

Chicago at Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay- All Six

Chicago- None

Seattle at Buffalo

Seattle- Flynn, Gargula, Haggerty, Himes, Reynolds

Buffalo- Penner

NY Jets at Miami

NY Jets – Haggerty

Miami - Flynn, Gargula, Himes, Penner, Reynolds

Indianapolis at New Orleans

New Orleans- All Six

Indianapolis- None

NY Giants at Minnesota

NY Giants – Flynn, Gargula, Himes, Reynolds

Minnesota – Haggerty, Penner

Detroit at Arizona Flynn, Gargula, Haggerty, Himes, Reynolds

Detroit – Penner

Arizona – Flynn, Gargula, Haggerty, Himes, Reynolds

San Diego at Oakland

San Diego – None

Oakland – All Six

Jacksonville at Pittsburgh

Jacksonville - None

Pittsburgh - All Six

Washington at Denver

Washington - None

Denver - All Six

Cleveland at Baltimore

Cleveland- None

Baltimore- All Six

Philadelphia at Dallas

Philadelphia All Six

Dallas None

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