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November 18 - The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost a heartbreacker at home to the Chicago Bears, 27-14. Buccaneer Magazine has the players' and head coach Tony Dungy's reaction to their loss from the locker room at Raymond James Stadium.

CB Ronde Barber on the second Booker TD:

³I¹ll have to look at the tape. It¹s one of those things, man. They came up with the big play when they had to. They were not doing anything and tried some gimmick stuff and exposed us a little bit. We played as hard as we could and they did some things and got somewhat lucky. They¹ve been doing it all year.²

CB Ronde Barber on the Bucs at 4-5.

³We are definitely not where we want to be. Damn, we could easily give up but that¹s not our style. We have to go to St. Louis come out of there with a win. If we all do our jobs, we will get the expected results.²

CB Ronde Barber on the Bucs attempted comeback:

³I thought we were going to overtime. The Bears have been doing it all year so why couldn¹t it happen for us? We played hard and came up a little bit short.²

RB Aaron Stecker on the failed fake punt:

³The whole game we look for certain tendencies. They whole game the Bears had left the middle of the field open on our punts. We had a look that we liked and gave it a shot. The play was designed to go to me. But they clogged the area and Mark couldn¹t get it to me.²

S John Lynch on the TD passes to Booker:

³They didn¹t do anything to confuse us. They were man coverages. The Bears hadn¹t really thrown the ball downfield all year. They beat us on those plays and it hurt. You couple those plays with the field goal and all of a sudden they have a big lead on us. We did a good job of coming back. But too little, too late.²

S John Lynch on the questionable penalty called on DE Steve White:

³I don¹t know what that call was all about. They just said it was contact to the head. The league has been pretty consistent is calling those penalties.²

S John Lynch on the upcoming game against St. Louis:

³We go to St. Louis and no one really gives us a chance. But we have the feeling in this locker room that we can go up there and get the job done. We have to look at this as an opportunity to beat the team that is probably playing better than anyone in the conference.²

Offensive Coordinator Clyde Christensen on the running game:

³I don¹t know if this is a true measure of the running game. As you know this was one of those games that very early on turned into two or three score game and we had to abandon the run. We had to turn to the two minute offense in the third quarter so you don¹t get your carries.²

Offensive Coordinator Clyde Christensen on the offenses¹ ability to score when under the gun and sputter the rest of the time:

³That¹s a good question and I don¹t know the answer to that. When you get behind, you do see some softer defensive schemes. But the Bears did come after us and Brad and the guys did a good job of moving the ball. We would love to have the one back where we threw an interception on first down. I made that call and put Brad into that situation. You hate to throw first down interceptions.²

Offensive Coordinator on the Bucs¹ and 4-5:

³There was a lot at stake in this game and it is very disappointing to come away with a loss. We said from the beginning that we play it one game at a time, look up after sixteen and see where we are. We¹ve lost to the Chicago Bears and we will have to see what the future holds. Now we have to go beat St. Louis and that is the only game that matters. The games that are behind us are behind us.²

Offensive Coordinator on whether the Bucs would use the two minute offense more often:

³We probably won¹t go to it more often. We have to get the running game going. That is more of a concern than the two minute. We also have to finish more drives.²

DT Warren Sapp on Gramatica¹s missed kick:

³A lot of us on the sideline would have bet our lives that kick was going through the uprights. I bet my life on Martin every time.²

DT Warren Sapp on the upcoming game in St. Louis:

³We have to take these games one at a time. It¹s time to pack our bags go to St. Louis and get us a win. There is no room for error now. We have to play a tough game against a really good ball club.²

DT Warren Sapp on the Bears taking the knee and turning the ball over on downs:

³I think once their running back fumble the ball like that they didn¹t want to take any more chances. I thought it was pretty stupid but it gave us a shot.²

DT Warren Sapp on the questionable penalty called on Steve White:

³The referee¹s explanation was worse than the call. That is what hurts you; the way they explain what they saw. Steve went up and through the man and he turned away. What¹s Steve going to do at that point? He was just trying to get him on the ground. That wasn¹t a vicious helmet-to helmet hit.²

LB Derrick Brooks on the game:

³You have to give them credit. They made some big plays against us. Obviously, we can¹t give up three plays like that and put ourselves in a position of having to come from behind. This game, in my opinion, made us a better football team. We¹re in a position we¹ve never been in before, 4-5. The next few games will tell us a lot about who we are as individuals and as a team. We have seven games left to prove ourselves.²

LB Derrick Brooks on the missed field goal:

³You hate to put the blame on that play. We had other opportunities and didn¹t execute. Martin has won more games in that situation than he has lost. We are going to take this on the chin as a team. I¹ll take Martin in that situation every time.²

RB Warrick Dunn on the running game:

³Horrible. You can blame me for a big part of the problem. I¹m not enough to make the situation better. I can¹t blame my injury because I¹m out there playing. It¹s about me not producing. My timing has been off and I need to do something about that.²

RB Warrick Dunn on the Bucs settling for field goals in the first half:

³We had opportunities to score touchdowns and didn¹t take advantage. When you look at the final score, that hurt us tremendously.²

RB Warrick Dunn on the Gramatica¹s missed field goal:

³We just can¹t get a break. I had no doubt he was going to kick that field goal and we were going to overtime. Martin just doesn¹t miss those kinds of kicks. I know he feels bad, but no one in this room blames him. The game should not have come down to a field goal.²

C Tony Dungy on the game:

³This is kind of a tale of how our season has been going. I thought we showed some good effort out there and did a lot of good things. But we really wasted it with errors, mistakes and fundamentally unsound football. You have to give Chicago credit. They are playing hard, playing with emotion and they aren¹t making many mistakes; they¹re not beating themselves. When they have an opportunity to make a play to win a game they have taken advantage.

³We had good field position in the first half but just couldn¹t punch it in the end zone. They scored long touchdowns against us which is something our defense almost never allows. Today we did.

³It is going to be a difficult challenge for us going forward. We have a big game in St. Louis but we will bounce back.

³We can¹t fumble, can¹t throw interceptions, can¹t give up long touchdowns, and can¹t take penalties at inopportune times and expect to b successful. Those are fundamental breakdowns and they did us in.²

C Tony Dungy on the long touchdown passes:

³On one, our linebacker bit on a play action. On another, Ronde, who has been playing great, just couldn¹t find the ball and didn¹t play that one. The last one was a communication problem between the coach and Dexter Jackson. The Bears are too good a team to give up plays like that.²

C Tony Dungy on the botched fake punt:

³That is another screw-up on our part. Abdullah is the guy practiced as the up-back all week, but he had a concussion. Aaron Stecker took his place. We had one look that we thought we could run the fake, and anything else is would be off. Aaron called it off, but didn¹t communicate it to the punter. We just totally screwed it up.²

C Tony Dungy on the missed opportunity to make up some ground in the division:

³It is disappointing. You lose a home game and we could have tightened things up with the Green Bay loss. Chicago is playing well and they deserve to be in first place. It is going to be up the rest of us to catch them.²

Coach Tony Dungy on the missed field goal:

³Martin has made a lot of big kicks for us. He didn¹t make this one and no one feels worse than he does. This game shouldn¹t have fallen to him on the last play. We have got to play better than that.²

QB Brad Johnson on the game:

³It¹s a tough loss, especially losing at home. I feel like we played a pretty good ball game, had some opportunities early that we didn¹t turn into touchdowns. We did a great job of fighting back and we did everything we could to give us a chance. That¹s all you can ask for.²

QB Brad Johnson on the play of the offensive line:

³We had a great plan going into the game. They have certain blitzes that are keyed by some of the looks we give them. We did a great job of picking up those blitzes. The offensive line played tremendously today; I had a lot of time to throw back there. We threw for a high percentage and moved the ball through the air. We put some points on the board.²

QB Brad Johnson on the success of the hurry-up offense:

³I don¹t think you can make a living doing that all the time. We did a great job on the two minute drill at the end of the half. We scored on two of the five possessions we ran the drill in the second half.²

OT Kenyatta Walker on the Bucs comeback:

³It was feeling really good. Everything was working and we were communicating. I thought we were going to come back. We seem to be always in this position; its nothing new for us. This is a really tough, tough loss.²

S John Lynch on the play of the defense:

³Really we had the feeling in the first half that they weren¹t going to have much success moving the ball against us. But you can¹t say we lost on just those three plays. Its a shame because it was a good effort wasted. We played a lot of good football that was undone by those long passes.²

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