TBBC Tryouts

Sandy Charboneau has put together a first-class system to find what is sure to be a stellar team of cheerleaders. Evaluating nearly 400 women is no easy task so she enlisted the help of Jason Christenson, Director of Wilhelmina Media. The Miami based company runs talent shows year round.

Charboneau referred to the squad as a "full time hobby." Participating in over 300 events a year certainly makes this saying ring true to the veterans. It is a difficult responsibility to undertake, but making the squad is still a highly sought after honor.

The atmosphere at the audition was not as cutthroat as one would think after being inundated with the flood of reality television. Most of the women were surprised at how friendly the atmosphere was. The ladies also commented on the meticulous organization and positive attitude of the organizers.

Bucs' fans should be assured that they are in good hands. Charboneau has set the stage for a cheerleading squad that Buccaneers' fans will be proud of. The field is so tight that the final cuts will be like deciding between 12 of one and a dozen of the other.

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