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The Oakland Raiders have signed Kerry Collins. <BR><BR> Rich Gannon's future is in doubt with the acquisition of Collins. Jon Gruden likes Gannon, and if the money is right it is likely that Gannon will be a Buccaneer.

This would be a mistake. Brad Johnson and Gannon will not co-exist, so the Bucs would take another salary cap hit if they release him. The difference between the two quarterbacks is so minimal that the shake-up created by the move would do more harm than good.

Gruden will be tempted to make a move, but Johnson has flourished under his coach's system. Is there any loyalty between players and coaches in the NFL? If this ends up happening the answer would appear to be no. Gannon has a 7 million dollar base salary this year and counts for nearly 9 million against the cap. If the Raiders release their quarterback after June 1st, they end up saving 7 million on him. If they do it before then they save less than a million. Brad Johnson will make 3.25 million this season, but he counts nearly double that against the cap. If the Bucs release him before June 1st, which will not happen, the cap will take a hit at over 9 million. The quarterback situation is in great shape in Tampa Bay, so Gannon is not needed. Chris Simms is being groomed, and should be ready by next season. Brian Griese is a solid back up in case of injury. This move would be wrong even if Gannon takes a big pay cut, the chemistry of the team has been changed so dramatically that the only solidarity the unit has is at quarterback. It is always fun to think "what if," but this is no time for fun. The Buccaneers have a Super Bowl Champion quarterback in Johnson. Does anyone remember how poorly Gannon played in the Super Bowl against the Bucs? He blew it in the biggest game of his career, why give him a chance to do it again?

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