No Show

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have one of the best top-to-bottom receiving corps in the NFL. Without McCardell it is just good. Good does not win championships, the best win championships. McCardell has a responsibility to uphold his end of the bargain. This "me" first attitude is a surprise to most fans, and has started the season off with a sour taste.

McCardell stands to make around two million a year for the remainder of his contract. The salary cap demands that General Managers stick to a strict fiscal plan. McCardell has to understand this, but he is not acting like it. The Bucs have drawn a fine line just below the salary cap. Where is this money supposed to come from?

There are better ways to go about getting a new contract. Showing up at camp might not be important to a veteran like McCardell, but it sets a very poor example for the Bucs' first round draft choice. Michael Clayton needs better mentoring from the team's number one receiver. Being the number one guy is a responsibility that McCardell has shirked since it was handed to him after the departure of

Joey Galloway is the number one receiver right now, and he has never played a down for his current team. Clayton will have little choice in deciding whom he learns the ropes from. Galloway is by no means a bad choice, but it is his first year with the team and he has some acclimation of his own to undergo.

Hopefully this matter will be resolved in a manner that has McCardell at Disney's Wide World of Sports for the first day of camp. If he holds out for an extended period of time Charles Lee should get the opportunity to shine. Lee proved last year that he could make big plays; so giving him a bigger role in the offense could prove to be a blessing.

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