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November 26 – Buccaneer Magazine has the Tampa Bay player reactions from St. Louis after the Buccaneers shocked the world and saved their season by defeating the Rams, 24-17. The Bucs and head coach Tony Dungy talk about the win over the Rams, but also talk about next Sunday's game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Bucs DT Warren Sapp on stopping the Rams' high-powered offense:

"It was just a matter of keeping the ball in front of us. They made some big plays and made a few plays here and there, but we were just going to keep rallying and keep lining up and keep hitting them and punishing them, and make them work for every yard they got."

Sapp on what the win over the Rams means to the Bucs

"Well, right now, we're not even thinking about what this wins means to our team. We're going to get on the plane and enjoy this one for 24 hours, and then prepare next Wednesday to go to Cincinnati and get us another win because the only way you start a streak is with one, and we got one right now."

Bucs RB Warrick Dunn on getting up for games against the Rams:

"Well, it's a challenge. Those guys have a high-powered offense and what you hear about the Bucs is we can't score, and we can't move the football. Tonight we executed and made plays, and our defense played well."

Dunn on why the Bucs and Rams play each other so tough

"You have to play physical. You have to try to take them out of their game. We put a lot of pressure on our quarterback and he made some throws, and our offensive line blocked tonight."

Bucs FB Mike Alstott on nobody giving the Bucs a chance to beat the Rams on the road:

"All that counts is the people in our locker room. We've got that belief and we still think we can make this a great year. We just have to put two together now. We've got this one and now we have to go on the road and get another one. It feels good for now, but we have to get back to the drawing board for another one."

Alstott on overcoming adversity by defeating the Rams

"Well, we just beat the top NFC opponent in their house. So, it gives us a lot of confidence. It's been a frustrating year. We've lost a lot of heartbreakers and some close games. This is something we needed to get it turned around and for us to get our momentum moving forward."

Alstott on surpassing former Bucs RB James Wilder franchise record 46-career touchdowns with his two scores against the Rams:

"I guess statistics are great after you retire and you can look on them and stuff like that. It's a great thing to pass a great player like James, but we're still looking for that championship, too."

Bucs QB Brad Johnson on Tampa Bay's huge win over St. Louis:

"Tonight was a big win. Last year, when I was with Washington, we came here and won in the same type of scenario, so I saw how it was done. But tonight, we came in and played a really good football game. We stayed away from turnovers until the very end. I believe we created six turnovers and scored when we had to. It was a game they had to have because they are trying to win their division over San Fran. This put us back in the middle of the pack. I feel like our best football is in front of us and tonight we showed we can play with anybody and we can beat anybody. But it takes a lot of good things to happen for us and to play well."

Johnson on missed scoring opportunities against the Rams:

"In a game like this, you have to score every time you get a chance. Missing the field goal at the beginning of the game really hurt us. That kind of killed our momentum. But we came back and scored a touchdown. They did a tremendous job of scoring on two particular drives. But we did a great job of coming out in the second half and scoring with our fist possession to put ourselves up by eight points. We can't give enough credit to the offensive line and the way we ran the ball tonight."

Johnson on RB Warrick Dunn's game-winning 21-yard touchdown run:

There's a lot going on. The score was 17-17, and we got down near the red area, around the 20 or 25-yard line. We actually had two or three good runs in that area, and we finally made some holes. He's one of the best as far as hitting the pylon at the end zone. It was great to see Mike (Alstott) get two touchdowns and Warrick get the one on the run like that."

Bucs head coach Tony Dungy on what the win over the Rams does for Tampa Bay:

"This sets us up so we can make a run down the stretch. We are back to .500 and we have a tough game coming up against Cincinnati. But if we can win that one and go above .500, then we have four of our last five games at home. We still have a chance to win and we're excited. It was a big game and we got big performances from a lot of people."

Dungy on the Bucs offense taking their opening drive of the second half in for a touchdown:

"The second half was really something. That opening drive was about 8-minutes and then we got a drive from our 10-yard line for a 90-yard scoring drive. But then we had a chance to finish them off, but we threw an interception and Martin (Gramatica) missed an easy field goal that he usually doesn't miss. It just seems like we play these guys, it's a one score game."

Dungy on the play of Tampa Bay's defense:

"We played with a lot of energy. Early on, we didn't get discouraged. Anytime you can hold these guys to 17 points, it's a great day. But to come up with the turnovers-it was a big, big win for us."

Dungy on visiting Cincinnati to take on the Bengals next Sunday:

"We have to start playing and we can't afford to any more losses. Cincinnati doesn't have a winning record right now, but they play very physical and tough, and we're going to have to get ourselves ready for practice on Wednesday coming off of this emotional Monday night win."

Dungy on sneaking out of St. Louis with a road win:

"A road win in November is great. It makes up for one of those games. Now, we've got to get on a streak. We've got a lot of football left to play."

Dungy on how a win in Cincinnati can payoff later when Tampa Bay finishes the season with four of their last five games at home:

"Well, if we can do something in the next three-game stretch, we want to make those big games. A lot of it will depend on our performance the next three weeks, but we're really focused in on Cincinnati and that's a game we have to win right now."

Bucs DT Warren Sapp on how bad Tampa Bay needed to beat St. Louis:

"It was our season. It was our season coming into it and we all realized that and we came out and played an excellent game. We got ourselves a win against the best ball club in the NFL."

Sapp on Tampa Bay's ability to pressure QB Kurt Warner and the Rams offense:

"We kept pressure on them and mixed up our blitzes. We had them off balance a little bit and we got us some turnovers and got a couple of fumbles from them. Our offense punched them in for us and got us enough points to win the game. That was the key to this thing was our offense getting us 24 points."

Sapp on keeping their season alive with a win over the Rams:

"It ain't over yet. It's going to get a lot better than this, so we've got to get ready to roll. We've got to roll now."

Sapp on Tampa Bay's defensive performance against St. Louis' high-powered offense:

"We still didn't play as well as we should have. But we'll correct the mistakes and we'll get ourselves on the proper page and go to Cincinnati and see if we can tighten it up a little tighter and get ourselves another win. That's focus now is Cincinnati. This one is over."

Sapp on suffering from back spasms in the game against St. Louis:

"I told them wild dog just drag me off with a win and if we don't win, just leave me out on the turf."

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