Q & A with Jon Gruden

The Buccaneers are resting up before camp opens at the end of the month, but coaches never rest. We caught up with the head coach to get his thoughts on the new season. Confidence is high at One Buc Place as the team waits to see how the new acquisitions will pan out.

There are a lot of new faces around, how do you feel about the new additions??
Really good, the off-season worked out well for us.

The offensive line is revamped. What will benefit more, the run or the passing game??
Hopefully both, to be honest with you. The return of a healthy Mike Alstott and Ken Dilger should help us out there.

When creating favorable match-ups is it more effective to exploit a scheme or an individual defensive player??
You do the things you do well, if you know you have an advantage you use it. That is what they are gonna do to you. You have to mix it up and be creative.

Are you concerned about the team's relative inexperience in the secondary??
It's always a concern. You can't dwell on it. Guys have to get their start sometime. We like these guys and we know what they can potentially bring to the table. Now it's just about making that potential a reality.

How has Chris Simms looked so far??
Can't say enough about him. He has ability, he is accurate, strong. He has looked good so far.

Who can fans expect to see more of this season?
We're excited about Dewayne White our second round pick from last season. Ellis Wyms was a priority for us in the off-season, we like his versatility.

What do you think about John Tortorella winning the Stanley Cup??
I know him a little; His leadership and work ethic are phenomenal. It's great for the city of Tampa. It keeps a couple of logs on the fire to keep the fans excited.

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