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December 2 – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers escaped Paul Brown Stadium on Sunday with a 16-13 overtime win over the Cincinnati Bengals. Buccaneer Magazine has the players' reactions from their locker room after Sunday's win over the Bengals, and their thoughts on next Sunday's game against the 0-11 Detroit Lions at Raymond James Stadium.

Bucs TE Todd Yoder on Tampa Bay's tough win in Cincinnati:

"We knew it was going to be a tough game coming in here. It's their house and any road win you can get is huge. So, I'm just glad we ended up getting it in overtime there."

Yoder on his 10-yard touchdown run after CB Ronde Barber blocked a punt in the second quarter:

Ronde did a great job of coming off the edge and blocked it. I saw the ball go up in the air and I just took off running for it. I got a great bounce-it hit me right in the stomach. I just hit it right in stride and took it in for a touchdown. It was a great play."

Yoder on overcoming the Bengals' fourth quarter comeback:

‘We had a lot of stuff that didn't go perfectly right. But we hung in there and ended up coming back in overtime. We really got great play from our defense to win the game for us with Lynch picking that ball up."

Yoder on scoring the first touchdown of his career and catching his first pass of his career against the Bengals:

"I'm glad we could finish it off with a win, that way I can be happy on the way home. There were a lot of firsts for me today."

Bucs WR Jacquez Green on his productive day against the Bengals:

"Brad gave me a lot of chances in the passing game today and that's all you can ask for as a receiver is to make a play with the football. I made a lot of catches early on. Later on in the game, I think we went more to our running game, so our receivers didn't really have that many chances until Keyshawn came up with some big catches in overtime. It was a big victory, a good victory and I think it's my first time ever winning in overtime since I've been here, so it's another big victory for us."

Green on the Bucs getting two consecutive wins for the first time this season:

"It was great to get our second win-in-a-row. We haven't won two games-in-a-row. It's the first time. Tony (Dungy) told us all week how tough this game was going to be and how physical the Bengals are compared to St. Louis team was. We knew it was going to be a tough game coming into it and Cincinnati hung tough throughout the ballgame."

Bucs SS John Lynch on forcing Bengals RB Corey Dillon to fumble in overtime:

"I forced that fumble. You never feel bad when you win, but Corey Dillon is such a good ball player and he just felt terrible. He's a big-time back. It was him and me one-on-one in the hole and I thought I had missed the tackle, but I was able to punch the ball out at the end. He's a guy that doesn't fumble. I thought about going into the end zone with it, but I decided to just let Martin (Gramatica) end this thing."

Lynch on getting consecutive wins for the first time this season:

"Yeah, it's much too late for it, but here we are. We're rallying and that is what championship teams do. They string wins together and they don't go on losing streaks. It feels good to put two together and now we have to worry about getting three."

Lynch on the problems Bengals RB Corey Dillon presented for Tampa Bay's defense:

"Coming in, we felt like this was one of the better football players in this league. He may go down as one of the greatest backs in this league's history. Unfortunately his team hasn't had that much success, so he doesn't get that notoriety. But he has that ability, so we knew we had to be on top of our game. For the most part, we did an exceptional job. But on the 2:00 drive, he got loose on some draws, but we're almost giving those away at that point. We would've liked to close this game out a little better and I think we had an opportunity to finish it out earlier, but it's a win."

Lynch on how tough the Bengals defense is:

"Well, if you go by statistics, they were ranked right behind us at 10th in the league. It was a little frustrating with our offense because they were moving the ball, but we just couldn't finish it. We missed the two field goals. That field is kind of a mess there and I don't know if that effected Martin (Gramatica). But if anything, we have to go into next week and finish it-finishing people when we have that opportunity. With every game coming down to the wire, it sure gets the grays (hairs) going early."

Bucs head coach Tony Dungy on Bucs CB Ronde Barber's blocked punt that allowed TE Todd Yoder to pick it up and score their only touchdown of the game:

"It was a great play, but it was an overload rush. We came with five guys on one side and we thought it would be good for one shot, and it was."

Bucs K Martin Gramatica on his game-winning field goal in overtime:

"Kicking the game-winner is always nice because you're helping your team out, but especially this time because I had a couple of bad kicks to get us into overtime. If not, that wouldn't have happened. It was just a great feeling."

Gramatica when asked if Cincinnati's bad field conditions contributed to his two misses:

"No excuses, I just missed the kicks. I'm going to check out the film, but I'm not going to make any excuses."

Gramatica on whether he considers himself to be in a slump after missing at least one field goal in each of the last three games:

"We're winning, so that's all that matters. It's nice to do your job right, but if you miss a kick of two, and we still win, then that's the bottom line-we got to win."

Dungy on the Bucs winning their first game in overtime since 1996:

"We hadn't had great luck in overtime, so this one was a good one to get. We're disappointed that it got to overtime, but we're very happy we came away with a win. We've got a chance to come home and win three-in-a-row. That's what our focus is going to be from here."

Dungy on the Bucs offense missing several opportunities to put the game away early against the Bengals:

"We moved the ball quite well. We just didn't finish off some drives. We fumbled the ball when we had a chance to put them away. We had Warren Sapp, who was probably going to pick up the ball and run it in for a touchdown, but we knocked it out of his hands. It was just one of those types of days. You always feel like whenever you let an opponent hang close, you're giving them the opportunity to come back. That's what we did today, but we had enough energy to come up with a good drive in the overtime, punt them down deep and then make a big play on defense."

Dungy on P Mark Royals pinning the Bengals inside their own five-yard line in overtime:

"Joe Marciano and I had talked earlier about punting them back in the hole. I elected to try a long field goal and we missed and gave them good field position. At that point, we say we'll punt it back into the hole and play defense. The first one went into the end zone, but we get a reprieve. We stopped the second one at the three-yard line and we kind of knew we were going to have a shot at that point."

Dungy on his decision to let K Martin Gramatica attempt a 51-yard field goal with a 10-point lead over the Bengals:

"We were 10-points ahead and should've punted the ball down there with eight or nine minutes to go, and let them go the long distance. You feel like you can make it and make them score two touchdowns to win, but that wasn't smart on my part."

Dungy on whether or not he let Gramatica attempt the 51-yard field goal to get some confidence back in his kicker.

"Well, that was part of it. He wanted to go that way to kick in that direction and he felt good kicking that way. The footing was not good though. The new turf right in the middle was not good for any of the kickers. I think he (Martin Gramatica) might have had a little problem with that."

Dungy on returning home next Sunday's game to take on the 0-11 Detroit Lions:

"It will be good to get back home. Chicago was at home and just barely beat Detroit, 13-10. New Orleans barely beat Carolina, who only has one win. It's that type of league, and you have to be happy with the wins. You just have to build on them. We're in December right now, and we've got to keep winning."

Dungy on how dangerous Detroit is at 0-11 this season

"They've lost a lot of close football games. They've been in every game and they've shown a lot of heart. Those are not teams you really look forward to playing."

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