Market Price

Rod Woodson was released by the Raiders 6/27 because he failed a physical (knee).

The Buccaneers have talented young safeties, but the entire secondary could learn from Rod Woodson. He is old and past his prime on a bad knee with instincts that were never taught. What he as learned along the way playing corner and safety in Hawaii make him knowledgeable enough to overcome physical limitations, and contribute to the growth of Will Allen, and Corey Ivy.

John Lynch could have done the same, but a hybrid of the two that would be created in the veteran part of the secondary would be deadly. It is up to Woodson, he said he wanted to keep playing, but for how much? Money helped motivate the Bucs to send away a fan favorite.

Woodson obviously has enough time served to count as the minimum against the cap. The Bucs are spread thin monetarily making Keenan McCardell's position weaker by the day. He could walk the plank and be unloaded to a wasteland team for cap relief and a prospect.

That knee of Woodson's is going to get some serious medical attention over the next week in search of a glass half full disposition to give the okay. Why not check that fuel tank and determine a fair market price?

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