Just for Kicks-Gramatica Brothers Share Award

December 5 – He has missed at least one field goal in three consecutive games, but Bucs K Martin Gramatica's confidence will receive a lift after the NFL named him NFC Co-Special Teams Player of the Week on Wednesday. Gramatica made 3-of-5 field goal attempts against the Bengals, including his 21-yard game-winning kick in overtime. Ironically, Martin will share the award with his brother, Bill, who lifted Arizona past Oakland in overtime with his game-winning field goal last Sunday.

The National Football League awarded Tampa Bay Buccaneers K Martin Gramatica NFC Co-Special Teams Player of the Week for his performance last Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Martin's brother, Bill, shared the NFC Co-Special Teams Player of the Week honor. B. Gramatica kicked a field goal in overtime to lift the Arizona Cardinals past the Oakland Raiders last Sunday. This is the first time in NFL history that two brothers kicked overtime game-winning field goals on the same day.

"This is unbelievable," said Bucs K Martin Gramatica. "You can't really plan it out or stage it. It just happened like that. I remember landing and John (Lynch) coming up to me and telling me my brother kicked on in overtime. The last I had heard, they were up 20-7, so I didn't even expect their game to go into overtime. But I didn't think much about it until I got home and realized we both did it in overtime, so it's kind of neat."

Gramatica drilled 3-of-5 field goal attempts in Tampa Bay's 16-13 win over Cincinnati, including a 21-yarder to seal the win in overtime.

Gramatica has made 18-of-24 field goal attempts this season and has also made a club-record 90 consecutive extra points. But Gramatica has missed at least one field goal in each of Tampa Bay's last three games. So, will winning this award boost Gramatica's confidence?

"It really doesn't do anything (for my confidence)," said Gramatica. "It's nice to win, but what you do on the field is what gets you the confidence. I've been confident all along. I tell everyone on the field that I expect to make it, but sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. I never really doubt myself. You just can't. As a kicker, you have to go out and know 100 percent that you are going to make the kick."

This award marks the third time in Gramatica's career that he has received a player of the week award. Gramatica was named Player of the Week for his performance against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 11 in 1999 and for his outstanding play at Miami in Week 15 last season.

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