Seeing Brown

Brown will be a first ballot Hall of Famer when he retires, but he feels he has some football left to play.

Seeing Brown The Keenan McCardell hold out might give Brown a chance to finish his career under one of his former coaches. He did not want a diminished role in Oakland, and in Tampa he would not be the first option. That job belongs to Joey Galloway.

A purist would say that Brown belongs with the Raiders, no matter where they play. In today's NFL players and teams have been become les and less loyal to each other. Brown and Lynch were synonymous with their respective teams until this year. The Bucs are upset that McCardell is holding out, and sight his signed contract. Didn't John Lynch have a signed contract?

Right now Galloway, Michael Clayton, Bill Schroeder, Edell Shepherd, and Marcus Knight are the top five at wide receiver. When Charles Lee's hamstring is better in a week the race will get interesting. If Brown were thrown into this mix he would most likely jump into the number three spot.

The sleeper at wide receiver so far has been Mark Jones. He is a converted cornerback with blazing speed. The former Volunteer is listed at 5' 9" 185 pounds and does appear to be a little undersized. His upside in the return game could be enough to punch his ticket.

Brown has at least one year of productivity left. A proud athlete like Brown will excel if he is told he no longer has the skill to compete. He has lost a step but hands are so crucial in those little third and three's that killed the Bucs last season. Brown will find a new home by the end of the week, and the early favorites are Tampa Bay, Baltimore, and across the bay in San Francisco.

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