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The Buccaneers announced that they have signed WR Tim Brown. The team also released WR James Williams. Brown signed for the veteran minimum for one year.

Brown, a veteran of 16 seasons, ranks second all-time in league history in receiving yards (14,734), third in career receptions (1,070), second in total seasons with 1,000 or more receiving yards (nine), fourth in touchdown catches (99) and tied for third all-time in most seasons with 50 or more receptions (11).

A nine-time Pro Bowl selection, Brown has totaled 43 career 100-yard receiving games and led the Raiders in receiving 11 times. He stands as the Raiders' all-time leader in games played (240), receptions, receiving yards, touchdowns and punt returns (320), along with being the only player in team history to score via receiving, rushing, two-point conversion, kick return and punt return. seasons with 50 or more receptions (11).

Brown is one of only three players (along with WR Cris Carter and WR Jerry Rice) to have more than 1,000 career receptions. He also holds the NFL record for most combined yards gained by a rookie with 2,317 in 1988. seasons with 50 or more receptions (11).

A first-round selection by the Raiders during the 1988 NFL Draft (sixth overall), Brown was awarded the Heisman Trophy following his senior season at Notre Dame in 1987. He joins Steve Spurrier (1966 recipient) and Vinny Testaverde (1986) as former Heisman winners who have signed with the Buccaneers, with Spurrier playing for the team in 1976 and Testaverde suiting up from 1987-92. Tampa Bay also drafted 1985 Heisman winner Bo Jackson in the 1986 NFL Draft. seasons with 50 or more receptions (11).

Brown saw action in 240 games with 198 starts in his 16 seasons (1988-2003) with the Raiders, including starts in all 16 games in 10 consecutive seasons from 1993-2002. A pillar of the Raiders offense, he has missed just one game in his last 14 seasons (1990-2003). Brown, who started 15 of 16 games last season, had his streak of 175 consecutive starting calls ended against Baltimore in the Raiders' 14th game of 2003. Brown also has a current streak of 173 consecutive games with a reception, the second-longest active streak in the league. seasons with 50 or more receptions (11).

Brown played four seasons with Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden (1998-2001) as a member of the Raiders, totaling 338 receptions, 4,649 receiving yards, 35 touchdown receptions and two Pro Bowl appearances. Brown totaled more than 1,000 receiving yards during all four seasons with Gruden and notched at least 90 receptions in 1999 (90) and 2001 (91). In 2000, his third season with Gruden, Brown set a career-high with 11 touchdown receptions. seasons with 50 or more receptions (11).

Some quotes from the press conference...

HEAD COACH JON GRUDEN (Introduction) "Good afternoon. This is a great day, I think, for our football team and our fans. We signed Tim Brown. This is a weird day for me. I'm really excited to be reunited with a class act and a great football player. His accomplishments are well-documented – 16 years, second in NFL history in receiving, and he's not done yet. I'd like to introduce his wife, Sherice. I don't want to make any predictions, any bold statements, but this guy brings a tremendous amount of class. He gives us credibility and adds, I think, to a group of receivers that has a chance to be a highlight, a strength of our football team. With that said, I'd like to introduce Tim Brown as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer."

WR TIM BROWN (On signing with the Buccaneers) "This is a great day for me. To have an opportunity to play with Jon again is extremely exciting. We had a great four years out in Oakland; [I] caught a lot of balls and we won a lot of football games and sort of resurrected that program out there and got the Raiders going back on the right track. When the situation came about, there was really only one place for me to play and that was here. To have an opportunity to be with Jon, to be with Bruce Allen, to be with [Strength and Conditioning Coordinator] Garrett Giemont, to be with some of the players who I've played with in the past was very important to me. After so many years at one place, certainly you want to be comfortable with how you go about your business. Being around Jon, he knows me, he knows what I'm capable of doing and he knows how to use me on the football field. All the people in the front office who I know from back in the days in Oakland just made it a very comfortable and easy decision to come out here and help this football team. I don't know what you guys know about me, but one thing for sure is I'm going to work hard and do what I need to do to make the Tampa Bay program the best I can possibly make it. Again, I'm happy to be here and I'm looking forward to the future." (On his thoughts about joining the Buccaneers) "It's a little different. I don't want to be disingenuous up here. This is not a day that I thought would ever happen. But when you're put in a situation you have to react it. I took a couple days off, got away, went back home to Dallas and relaxed for away, sort of got away from football, really. I had the opportunity to speak to Bruce and Jon again and was ready to go." (On what his role will be) "Well, all I know is that I will have a role, and that was very important to me, to know that I will have a role. We'll figure that out as we go. With the guys we have here already – Joey [Galloway] and [Michael] Clayton and Bill [Schroeder] and everybody else – whatever I can do to help is what I'm willing to do." (On if he believes his chance to be a second or third receiver would be greater in Tampa than elsewhere) "I think what was important here was Tampa Bay and Jon and Bruce made it known that they wanted me now, and everybody else wanted to wait to see what happened. A couple weeks and maybe bring me in as a third or fourth receiver, or maybe a second receiver. It just depended on what the situation was. But these guys made it known right away, as soon as they were able to, that they wanted me as part of the program." (On if there was ever a time when he left Oakland that he thought about not playing) "Well, you know, when you go through the emotional rollercoaster that I went through, at the end of that deal, certainly you are thinking maybe I should just retire. But somebody told me ‘you feel that now, but Monday you are going to be mad and you are going to be ready to go.' That's pretty much how it went. By the time the weekend was over, I had a little steam coming out of my ears and I was ready to get back involved and do what I do on the football field." (On if he could talk about his relationship with Coach Gruden and whether he was mad at him when Gruden came to Tampa Bay)

Jon GRUDEN (Gruden's interjection) "Yeah, what was the deal there?" (Laughing)

TIM BROWN (On his feeling towards Gruden after he came to Tampa Bay) "Well, you know when you go back and read the comments that I made (in 2002), I don't think I said Tim Brown, you know. When I speak, I try to speak from the team. I think I spoke (from the) view of some of the guys who Jon may have had a problem with out there. Jon and I had a great relationship, until the last two couple weeks he wouldn't speak to me. But I found out why, he was leaving me. I could go into his office to speak. We never had a cross word the whole four years he was there. I have heard that the couple of days, that it is another Keyshawn (Johnson) and Jon situation. I don't think that's possible, number one. Number two, there was never a problem with Jon and I, again when I spoke after he left I was speaking for the whole team and not just from Tim Brown's point of view." (On his familiarity with Gruden's offense) "This is a system it seems I have been in my whole career but it was only six years that I played in it. But everything I have been doing the last four or five months, I have been comparing it to what Jon's offense (was), and certainly haven't gotten away from it mentally so I don't think it will be a problem. I know it won't be a problem, football has never been, the mental part of the game, has never been a problem. So I'm looking forward to getting back out there and doing the things that I'm familiar doing." (On what Charlie Garner told him about playing with the Buccaneers and if he persuaded him) "Not Charlie, but his wife has been doing a lot of talking, that's for sure. She actually came to our house for our daughter's birthday right before I left to go to training camp. So she has been recruiting me even before this situation came up, it's amazing how things work out. I haven't really talked, I talked to Rickey Dudley, but that's about all. That's the only person I have talked to so far." (On how he feels) "All I can say to you is I feel good. I'm healthy. My workouts this offseason went great, training camp out in Oakland, things were going very good. That's all I can say, what's going to happen in the future I can't make any bold promises here. I know I'm going to give it everything I have and we have to go with that. I'm not coming here to be just a guy, I'm coming here looking to be the Tim Brown I used to be, before the last couple years and I think that Jon gives me that opportunity to be the guy I am capable of being, whether that's a five catch guy or a one catch guy a game. It's a situation where we'll see what the deal is, but I think I have a lot left in the old, proverbial tank. So I'm looking forward to going out and playing."

Jon GRUDEN (On whether the move would have been necessary had Keenan McCardell been in camp) "Well Keenan is still a member of our team and this acquisition has no impact whatsoever on his situation." (On whether the acquisition of Tim Brown was impacted by the McCardell situation) "I wouldn't say that. When Tim became available, it became very hard to sleep based on my past with him. This is one of the few guys that I have ever been around who was the unanimous team captain, with every guy on the team voting on him. I have never seen him miss a practice. I don't know if he has missed a game since 1988. This is a guy that is an ambassador of receivers and there are things that you can do creatively to help him continue playing and do some things that this team needs. This is a guy that if he is right physically and his frame of mind is what I think it is, we will let his performances speak for themselves. When he became available, we became very interested." (On what plans he has for Tim Brown with the team) "We are going to go back to the office after we end this press conference and will start to work on re-familiarizing [Brown] with our system. The system that he has played in the last couple of years was a little bit different than when I was there. Nobody interprets the offense the same. But I have seen Tim Brown work in the slot, in the middle of the field, coming out of motion, basically play after play after play. So we are going to have time to invest in how we are going to use him. He is going to be a real asset to Michael Clayton. There is nothing like having a guy like Tim Brown sitting next to you and giving you feedback. What an unbelievable opportunity for Michael Clayton to learn from one of the great players of all time. I also say that to Edell Shepherd and Mark Jones, some of these guys that are really making names for themselves as young players here. His role is not going to be just between the lines, but he is going to continue to help me. A lot of the plays that I have come up with have been because of great players. They make your lines and your drawings dance and come to life. There is a certain spin on plays that only Tim Brown has been able to do and hopefully he can help us continue to do that and add some things."

TIM BROWN (On if Gruden brings him more energy) "I spent four years trying to calm him down in Oakland, so I don't know if it is possible to do that. Certainly his energy toward the game has been, and will always be, a very exciting part of what we do. When you see your coach get excited like that, you can't help but react to it in some kind of way. Certainly it was refreshing when he first came into the league as a head coach and watching him on the sidelines over the past couple of years, I don't think that anything has changed." MORE GRUDEN (On the status of Derrick Brooks) "We took a good look at Derrick Brooks but he is going to be fine. He will be listed as day-to-day. We got a scare but fortunately he is okay. Jamel White is also okay. Derrick Deese had surgery in Miami today and that went well. We look at seven to 10 days before he returns. It was very good news for us in regards to Derrick Brooks and to get Tim Brown, it was also a great day for us." (On whether Derrick Brooks will practice tomorrow) "We will get an update tonight from the trainer, but there is a possibility that he could be out a day or two. There is no seriousness to this injury, it was just a big scare for all of us. We will see how he feels in the morning

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