Bucs Post-Game Quotes

December 9 - Buccaneer Magazine has the Tampa Bay player reactions from their locker room at Raymond James Stadium after they defeated the Detroit Lions, 15-12.

CB Brian Kelly on the importance of the win:

³You can¹t underestimate the importance of this win. It¹s huge. It really keeps the season alive. The difference between 7-5 and 6-6; if we lost we¹d be right back where we started. This is a big jump; we¹ve won three in a row and swept an NFC Central team. Keyshawn made a big play late in the game which should give our offense some confidence going forward. ³

S Brian Kelly on the pass interference call in the fourth quarter:

³We both slowed up because the ball was out of play. When he slowed up he was putting me in the position for the interference call. I just put my hands up because the ball was at least ten yards down field. I can¹t see any reason to make that call, but it happens. They didn¹t kick a field goal; it just hurt our field postion for the next possession.²

CB Ronde Barber on his feelings on not giving up a TD yet almost losing the game:

³You can feel the heartburn and the ulcers forming, but I have a lot of confidence in our offense to get the job done late in the game. Detroit, believe it or not, is a good football team. They deserve credit for what they were able to do. They took care of the ball and McMahon got out of trouble better than any quarterback we faced this year. They played us tough.²

WR Karl Williams on the game:

³This is what it is all about. Since I¹ve been here playing for Coach Dungy we¹ve always come up big in December. It wasn¹t pretty but it was a win. We will take them any way we can get them at this point in the season.²

WR Karl Williams on the play of Keyshawn Johnson:

³Just throw him the ball like he said in his book. That is what he is all about. He¹s a big time receiver who is going to make the big time plays. He is always going to draw attention. It¹s the job of the other receivers to take advantage of that situation.²

TE Dave Moore on winning drive:

³We let Brad do his thing. He¹s very poised in the huddle and he lets you know who is in charge. He has a knack for getting people¹s attention. You want to work hard for the guy. We practice these plays on a weekly basis and you can tell how consistent he is running this offense. You know he is going to makes some plays for you.²

TE Dave Moore on if this type of win provides the team with confidence:

³You gain confidence in any win, period. This is a bottom line business. Three weeks from now the only thing that will matter is the team¹s record; not how close we came. Offensively, we can¹t come away feeling too good because we failed to take advantage of some situations. But this is a win to build on.²

TE Dave Moore on the game plan:

³We planning on running the ball. When it comes to December, usually the teams that go to the playoffs are the teams that can run. We¹ve proven this year we can throw. Now we need to pick up the yards per carry; start off second and six or third and four. Those situations are manageable. If you get yourself stuffed all the time, it can be tough. We are trying to get guys on guys and keep the play calling mixed. We do that at times just not consistently.²

TE Dave Moore on the Alstott/Cook backfield:

³It¹s a designed set. Today, Mike ran the ball well and Jamaal did a good job blocking. We went straight ahead and guys got on guys. The people in the stand could have told you what we were running, but we were able to make some positive yardage.²

S John Lynch on the play of Keyshawn Johnson:

³He¹s never been afraid to go across the middle; I think he actually enjoys it. He lets you know he¹s out there. He¹s a big target and makes big plays.²

S John Lynch on the Bucs¹ playoff prospects:

³Since the Packers beat the Bears, we can move within a game of Chicago with a win next week. We are starting to stack the wins and are in a position where we control our own destiny. That feels good.²

S John Lynch on the Bucs performance:

³Getting a win was the ultimate goal. But we talked as a team before this week on the importance of playing a complete game. I¹m sure we¹ll go back to the films and see that we did not. That is of some concern. You want to be hitting on all cylinders at this time of the season. But the bottom line is winning; just look at Baltimore last year.²

S John Lynch on the winning drive:

³We, as a defense, have a lot of confidence in Brad and the guys. It did look a little bleak; we had to convert a couple of fourth downs. That is where Brad showed how valuable he is to the team. He puts it on the money.²

S John Lynch on Keyshawn Johnson¹s first TD:

³Yeah, we¹ve been having a little fun with that. It¹s fitting he did it in such a dramatic way.²

RB Mike Alstott on the game:

³We are a good football team. I saw a lot of character and a lot of heart on that last drive. The game was played in a sauna and our guys fought and fought and refused to give up. I know we scared the fans but it takes 60 minutes to complete a football game. This is a big win.²

RB Mike Alstott on the play of the offense:

³We question ourselves at times. This team plays together. We are a unit out there and everyone had an opportunity to make some plays. Brad did a good job of getting a lot of people involved today.²

RB Mike Alstott on running out of time at the end of the first half:

³We were trying to be aggressive. Our thought process was to throw a quick pass and still have one or two seconds left to kick a field goal. There was some pressure on the last play and Brad was trying to make something happen. We came up short but we did some positive things in the first half.²

RB Mike Alstott on Keyshawn Johnson¹s first TD:

³Well deserved, well deserved. He is a tough guy. He practices hard all week long. He leads the NFL in catches so he finally gets a well deserved TD.²

RB Mike Alstott on his touchdown:

³Actually the Lions stunted themselves out of the play. There was a huge hole, the safety came up so I put my head down and kept my feet moving and I was able to get into the end zone.²

DE Marcus Jones on the play of Mike McMahon:

³From a defensive standpoint we knew he liked to scramble. We kept him in the pocket for most of the game. We thought if we let him loose we would have trouble. He runs a 4.6 forty so he¹s fast. We probably sacrificed some sacks to keep him contained.²

DE Marcus Jones on Keyshawn Johnson:

³Man, he¹s a great person and a really hard worker. I wish only the best for him.²

DE Marcus Jones on the Bucs¹ penchant for playing close games:

¹We don¹t do this by design. Sometimes situations come up that you cannot plan for. We know that if we keep the other team off the board, keet the game close, we put ourselves in the position to win close games. Personally, I don¹t care what the game looks like as long as we get the victory.²

Offensive Coordinator Clyde Christensen on the Alstott/Cook backfield:

³We won¹t be able to evaluate their effectiveness until we look at the film. It seemed as if we ran the ball better and part of out plan was to get the big guys in there to hopefully eliminate some of the Ominus¹ plays. I do think this will be a part of the package going forward.²

Offensive Coordinator Clyde Christensen on the two minute offense:

³We weren¹t playing well, offensively, in the second half. So, if we had gotten the ball back with eight and a half minutes left, we were going to the two minute, no matter what, to get ourselves into a rythm.²

Offensive Coordinator Clyde Christensen on the contribution of Keyshawn Johnson:

³I say, honestly, he has been phenomenal. Coaches love a guy who wants the ball all the time. He has played extremely well and also brings some good ideas to the table. I enjoy his imput both during the game and during practices. He¹s about the right things and he is a warrior.²

Offensive Coordinator Clyde Christensen on the pressure being put on Brad Johnson by the Lions pass rush:

³We didn¹t do a good job protecting him today. What he did, under tremendous pressure, on that last drive will go unnoticed. But when you watch this game on film you will see him make some huge third- and fourth-down conversions with people in his face. He had taken a pretty good beating, but he is a resilient guy.²

Offensive Coordinator Clyde Christensen on the flat play by the offense:

³I can¹t tell if we were looking past Detroit for Chicago. But we really didn¹t have a real productive week of practice. That could be a factor.²

C Tony Dungy on the game:

³We seem to like to make these games interesting. All kidding aside, we showed a good effort out there. We hung in there. You have to take your hat off to Detroit; they¹ve played that way for about twelve weeks now and have nothing to show for it. They have some good players, they¹re well coached and they play hard. We knew it would be a tough game.

Offensively, we moved the ball well in the first half. We had over 200 yards, but again failed to score many points. The second half we didn¹t do much until the last drive. We performed when we needed to and our big play guys got the job done.²

C Tony Dungy on running out of time in the first half:

³That was dumb on my part. I got greedy. We should have taken the points right after the penalty. We tried to communicate to Brad to take a quick shot at the end zone, and, if nothing was there, we would kick the field goal. But it was totally my fault we didn¹t get him the message.²

C Tony Dungy on Keyshawn Johnson¹s winning score:

³That was a big catch that followed a huge catch on fourth down. He is one of the big play guys we count on. He finally got his first score so now the press can get off his back.²

C Tony Dungy on the offense continually coming through in the clutch:

³We have a lot of experienced guys that don¹t panic. Brad, Keyshawn, Mike, Warrick, Jacquez, the offensive line; these are all guys who have been in these situations before.²

C Tony Dungy on the play of the defense:

³Defensively I thought we looked real sharp. McMahon played really well, really poised. Stewart ran the ball with some success. But we played them really tough.

C Tony Dungy on the pass interference call against Brian Kelly:

³Unbelieveable. No, I can¹t comment on it. One official says it was uncatchable; Johnny Morton thought it was uncatchable that¹s why he stopped running. The ball is 20 yards over his head and they still call pass interference. In my judgement, it was the wrong call.²

C Tony Dungy on the play of Simeon Rice:

³Simeon played a great game. He really rushed the passer well. He slipped on a couple of plays where he would just miss the guy. He is coming on for us. We knew they were going to pass a lot and he did a great job.²

C Tony Dungy on the pressure put on Brad Johnson by the Detroit rush:

³It was a combination of both the rush and Brad holding the ball trying to make a play. The Lions¹ defensive line does a good job getting to the quarterback.²

QB Brad Johnson on the TD pass to Keyshawn Johnson:

³We had Keyshawn on a corner route. The Lions blitzed, I took a hit and just threw it up. He did a great job coming down with it. We took advantage of the mismatch as far a size. We were due.²

QB Brad Johnson on the play of Keyshawn Johnson:

³You always want to get the ball to Keyshawn, but the Lions did a good job on covering him in the second half. He is very physical and he is a winner. The coverage was tight but on the last drive I just forced the ball to him. He did a great job of catching the ball in traffic.²

QB Brad Johnson on the play of the offense:

³In the first half we had two really long drives. On the touchdown, we gained 111 yards which might be the longest drive in the history of the NFL. We did a great job recovering after penalties, especially the second and twenty late in the fourth quarter.²

QB Brad Johnson on the rest of the season:

³We have four big ballgames left. I don¹t want to put the horse before the cart but I really like out chances.²

WR Keyshawn Johnson on scoring his first TD on his ninety-third catch:

³I would have liked to score at any time prior to today. But I will take them when they come. I certainly wasn¹t going to pressure myself or the quarterback into forcing anything to me. If I play my game it will happen for me. Not to put it on the media, but you were more concerned about my scoring a TD than I was. As long as I can continue to move the chains, I will continue to do what I do.

³On the touchdown, the guy was lost. Once Brad put it up, I was going to do whatever it took to come down with the ball.²

WR Keyshawn Johnson on the playing conditions:

³It was hot. We haven¹t played in this kind of weather in a long time so we were exhausted. We played in some good weather and domes on the road so we not used to these conditions.²

WR Keyshawn Johnson on the success of the two minute offense:

³In a lot of these games we get ourselves into a do or die situation where we have no choice but to go to the no-huddle. Its either going to happen for you or not. We¹ve been forturnate, for the most part, to put the team in a position to win by scoring using the hurry-up.

³What we need to do is execute earlier in these games to avoid those do or die positions. What I loved today happened at the end of the first half. With five seconds on the clock we said to hell with kicking a field goal and, instead, went for the touchdown. That was big.²

WR Keyshawn Johnson on the play of the Lions¹ defense:

³They doubled me more than I thought they would. Todd Lyght did a pretty good job covering me today. Our protection broke down at times. Everyone says Brad is holding the ball too long, but you have to let things develop. If they don¹t develop, he¹s getting hit before he takes his fifth or sixth step.²

WR Keyshawn Johnson on whether he was the primary receiver on his touchdown play:

³Oh yeah, yeah. I knew I was the primary receiver. That whole drive I was the primary receiver. I told both Clyde and Dungy, OIt¹s about time you put the football in my hands. Lose with me if we¹re going to lose¹. Brad held the ball until I could get open. He hung tough and gave me an opportunity to make a play.²

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