Still There

Earnest Graham and Danny Farmer are still with the Buccaneers, but they need a huge game against The Texans if they want to make the 2004 roster. Farmer did his best Bee Gee's impersonation against Miami, and Graham made his weekly pre season stop in the end zone.

The receiver corps will be hard for farmer to break into. Tim Brown, Joey Galloway, Michael Clayton, and Bill Schroeder seem to have the top four spots locked up. The release of D'Wayne Bates was expected and has done little to clarify the picture. Farmer, Frank Murphy, Marcus Knight, and Mark Jones are all playing for one roster spot. The wild card is Charles Lee whom has yet to play in the pre season. His exciting play last year might not be enough to get him through the last round of cuts.

Graham has an equally difficult row to hoe. Charlie Garner looked great in limited action versus Miami, and Jamel White is going to make the team. Michael Pittman has to sit out the first three games so Graham is flying on wing and a prayer like the Greatest American Hero.

Jason Garret got his papers Tuesday to the surprise of well… no one. Three quarterbacks had better be enough. If it is not the Bucs will be back Orange Crush style. In fact, if Griese ends up playing this year it will be the result of a catastrophic meltdown at the position. Injuries can creep up from everywhere, and tend to catch up with the older types. Brad Johnson has been around since 1968, so the bug has known him longer than 90% of the other starters in the NFL.

The last game of the pre season will be played primarily by reserves. The starters will be out of the game by the second quarter. Special teams will be the deciding factor for many bubble players, so look for some big hits aimed at drawing attention.

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