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December 16 – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were brutally clawed and manhandled by the Chicago Bears in what will probably be their last trip to Soldier Field, 27-3. Buccaneer Magazine has the players' and coaches' reactions from their locker room at Soldier Field.

SS John Lynch on Tampa Bay's performance against Chicago:

"Yeah, it was ugly. They really took it to us and Tony (Dungy) told us that's what a playoff team looks like. They made some plays in the first half to get it to 13-3 at the half and then came out in the second half and ran it down our throat."

Lynch on the difference between Tampa Bay's performance in the first half vs. the second half:

"The first half was difficult. They made the one big pass play down field, but other than that, we did a pretty good job. On offense, we moved the ball well, but we had the turnovers. In the second half, they manhandled us, and that's not fun."

Lynch on Tampa Bay's three remaining games being at home:

"We've got to rebound from this quickly. We go back to work tomorrow and look at the film. Unfortunately, we have to. We've got to learn from it and if we take care of business in our last three, we're going to be alright."

Lynch on Tampa Bay's next opponent-the New Orleans Saints:

"They're a team that is really along the same lines with us in the NFC, and we have an opportunity to play them at our place. They're playing the Rams this week, so we'll sit back and watch that. We'll prepare for them and try to get a win."

FS Dexter Jackson on Tampa Bay's inability to stop Chicago's running game in the second half:

"First of all, I want to tip my hat off to the Chicago Bears. They played a great game and that's how a playoff team looks. They just killed us in every category today. In the rushing game, they kept on pounding and pounding us. That's what we thrive on is stopping the run, and they came out and established the run early."

Jackson on Tampa Bay's final three games of the regular season at Ray-Jay:

"We've got three at home. We had won three-in-a-row, and it's hard to win four-in-a-row. We're worried about going undefeated now. I think we'll be okay, and I hope we see these guys again in the playoffs."

Jackson on Chicago's offense doing all of the right things to win:

"They came out throwing the ball, and then they started pounding and pounding the ball. We went three-and-out. They came out and just had great drives and moved the ball up and down the field. Once you start controlling the clock and running the ball, you're a hard team to beat."

WR/KR Frank Murphy on the ankle injury he sustained in the third quarter:

"Hopefully the x-rays are negative, but my ankle just got stuck in the mud and I was just praying that it wasn't that serious because of the way it happened and the way it looked on film was real nasty. We'll see how swelled it is and hopefully it's minor."

Murphy on how close he is to returning a kickoff for a touchdown:

"It's all coming together. Everybody's blocking good and I'm running the best I can. Hopefully I can get back soon and keep contributing and helping out."

Murphy on why the special teams unit is getting good field position for Tampa Bay's offense:

"The play calling is good and the blocking is good and we're getting on the same page. I'm trying to help out and do my thing."

Murphy on Tampa Bay's final three opponents of the regular season:

"They're going to be tough games. We're at home and that helps, but we know we have to play 60 minutes of football, from start to the end, and no turnovers. If we win all of them, we'll be fine."

Bucs head coach Tony Dungy on Tampa Bay's need to have the mindset Chicago had against them:

"We really have to just take a look at this, look at the tape and correct our mistakes. We've got to come back with the same mindset Chicago had today. We have to have that next week against New Orleans next week and it's definitely a game we have to win."

Dungy on Tampa Bay's effort against Chicago:

"I thought we had a good effort until the fourth quarter. They just got the energy and we didn't do much to slow them down in the fourth quarter. We just didn't play smart. We gave up a couple of big plays defensively, a couple of touchdowns where we really should have been in good shape. Offensively, we had two turnovers that really took points off the board for us. It turned a game that was there into one that we really didn't have a chance in the fourth quarter."

Dungy on how costly turnovers were against Chicago:

"Somehow, we have to be able to finish drives and not turn the ball over. We moved the ball in the first half, but we had the fumble down near the goal line, and had the interception on the first play after we had a good punt return. You can't do it in a big game against a good team like this."

Dungy on what went wrong against Chicago:

"We got some good field position and we put our offense in position, but we couldn't finish drives. Defensively, we played well in spurts. We made some plays, but we weren't consistent enough. We just gave them too many big plays."

Dungy on his defense's need to create more turnovers than they have in their last two games:

This time of year, you have to force turnovers. You have to get that short field and protect the ball. You have to be able to run it and defend the run. And those are four things we weren't able to do today."

Dungy on how impressive the Chicago Bears are:

"They're playing well and they've only lost one game in the last six or seven weeks. They're doing the things that you need to do. They're playing with energy. They're taking care of the ball and not turning it over. They're playing very physical."

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