Big Mouth In Big D

Johnson's main target has been Jon Gruden. The receiver insists that his former coach intentionally froze him out of the offense in 2003. The fact is the Bucs have more to worry about than what the most over-rated receiver in the NFL has to say.

Johnson cannot resist the call of being the center of attention. His Cowboys lost to the Vikings Sunday, but the topic of conversation this week has been his comments about former teammates and coaches. Sports fans are only making it worse by caring about what Meshawn has to say.

The most personal of the attacks were directed at Ronde Barber for sticking up for Gruden when the coach deactivated Johnson last year. Barber had this to say:
"I'll put it this way: Keyshawn is not our problem anymore," Barber said. "It's a filthy feeling when you have someone in your locker room…whether it's the last guy on the roster or your No. 1 receiver…who doesn't act like he wants to be there. And attitude, to me, is everything.
"Calling me an Uncle Tom? I don't know what that means. I'm definitely not a slave. I'm not cozying up to my head coach like he's my master. Jon is my coach. I respect him as the leader of my football team."

Warren Sapp ripped Johnson on ESPN, commenting on how Johnson had an excuse for everything. Sapp recalled hearing Johnson say, "The ball was spinning the wrong way." After he had dropped one of the many passes he failed to catch in 2003. Sapp said that was the last time he took the receiver seriously.

Johnson's best defense against Sapp was commenting on the defensive tackle's weight. Real sharp…call a DT a fat $#%*.

This is the last time Johnson will be discussed in this medium, as it adds fuel to the fire that desperately needs to be extinguished. The Bucs are also done with the topic and concentrating on the Seattle Seahawks. We will do the same.

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