A Gamblers Perspective on the Bucs

December 20 - Once again, Sandy Penner provides a unique perspective at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This week, Penner explains what a gambler's perspective might be when it comes to following the Pewter Pirates.

For those of you who are not gambling savvy, the following might go over your head. If you don't know a point spread from a cheese spread, this column might not be for you. In the spirit of the holiday season, I've put my oddsmaker hat on and provided you with a board of proposition bets involving the Bucs. Remember, these are for entertainment purposes only and if you do decide to wager, please bet with your head and not over it.. Oh, and by the way, I wouldn't look for these on any offshore website or casino you might frequent. These are my gift to you. Good luck to everyone.
UNDERDOG Bill Parcells

Skinny: Dungy's got the job. Parcells doesn't. What would Rich McKay do if Parcells was brought in. He's certainly not going to be allowed to shop for the Tuna's groceries.

FAVORITE: Keyshawn Johnson
LINE -2.5

Skinny: Sure Moss has more TD's. But, his teams awful and he only plays when he wants to.

FAVORITE Keyshawn Johnson

Skinny: They have the same amount of TD's and the same amount of radio shows. Todd Yoder doesn't have a restaurant now does he?

FAVORITE Mike Alstott
UNDERDOG Warrick Dunn

Skinny: Dunn's injuries put him in the underdog role here.

FAVORITE Warren Sapp
LINE: -7.5
UNDERDOG Tom Jackson

Skinny: The ESPN analyst was accused of having "big teeth" by Sapp. With his mediocre season maybe Sapp needs bigger teeth for a bigger bite.

FAVORITE: Sandy Penner
LINE: -11
UNDERDOG Leo Haggerty

Skinny: A mismatch in the making.

FAVORITE: The Bucs two minute offense
LINE: -16
UNDERDOG The Bucs 58 minute offense

Skinny: Another one sided affair. If someone could kidnap the clock operator the Bucs might be in business.

FAVORITE: The Bucs 58 minute offense
LINE: -4.5
UNDERDOG Sickles High offense

Skinny: How are you supposed to win any game with that offense. Take your pick of who I'm talking about.

FAVORITE: Bucs expectations
LINE: -3
UNDERDOG Bucs realism

Skinny: High expectations + Impatience = Your average Buc fan.

FAVORITE: Clyde Christensen
LINE: -2
UNDERDOG Les Steckel

Skinny: Someone's got to call the plays.

FAVORITE: Kenyatta Walker's mouth
LINE: Pick
UNDERDOG Kenyatta Walker's play

Skinny: The mouths bigger than the play, but remember size doesn't always matter.

FAVORITE: Martin Gramatica
LINE: -4
UNDERDOG Scott Norwood

Skinny: Norwood didn't even hit the upright like Gramatica did against the Bears.

FAVORITE: Bill Gramatica
LINE: -1
UNDERDOG Martin Gramatica

Skinny: For those of you that didn't see it, Bill hurt his knee celebrating a first quarter FG. Chicks in a bar don't need to know that though. "Yea I got hurt on the game saving tackle."

FAVORITE: Fighthing Illini Simeon Rice
LINE: -7
UNDERDOG Buccaneer Simeon Rice

Skinny: Break out your old Big 10 tapes if you don't believe me.

FAVORITE: Mac Davis in North Dallas Forty
LINE: -5.5
UNDERDOG Brad Johnson

Skinny: They both take a beating and are well liked by teammates. Check out Davis 70's duds and disco hair.

FAVORITE:George O'Leary's resume
LINE: -3.5
UNDERDOG Bucs offensive line

Skinny: Both full of holes. A few more holding penalties and this might be a pick em.

Have fun with these. Don't forget the Penner sportsbook is closed on Christmas and New Year's.

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