"We Believe" is Now Available on Video

December 20 – <i/>We Believe</i>, the first motion picture dedicated to Buccaneer fans, is now available on video. Follow Big Nasty, Captain Ron and the Tampa Pillow Lady on a journey through Tampa Bay's 2000 season. <i/>We Believe</i> captures a year in the life of the Buccaneer faithful. You can get your copy of <i/>We Believe</i> for just $19.99 at the world's largest Tampa Bay Buccaneers' merchandise store, Buccaneer Heaven, or by visiting 12th Man Films' site at www.12thmanfilms.com.

We Believe made its debut in movie theatres on Oct. 5, 2001, and now you can own it on video for just $19.99. You can purchase your copy of We Believe at Buccaneer Heaven, which is located at 14823 N. Florida Avenue in Tampa, Florida. If you don't live near Tampa, you can order We Believe over the telephone by calling 813-908-BUCS(2827). You can also purchase the movie dedicated to Bucs fans by visiting 12th Man Films' web site at . 12thManFilms.com.

We Believe is a 107-minute documentary film that chronicles the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' 2000-2001 season from the perspective of its fans. Some of the fans featured include 2001 Hall of Fame fan inductee Big Nasty, also known as Keith Kunzig, Dr. Mendez, Captain Rod, 1999 Hall of Fame fan inductee Russ "The Sign Man" Barner and Canton, Ohio's newest Fan Hall of Fame inductee-Jackie "The Pillow Lady" Riles.

Tampa producers Rob Hall and Justin Kelly spent two years creating a film that looks at the role of Buccaneer fans in their home, community and the stands of Raymond James Stadium.

While We Believe is exhibiting at independent film festivals across the country, Hall and Kelly have distributed video cassettes in select stores across the Bay Area and through their web site, 12thManFilms.com..

From the sweltering heat of training camp to the freezing cold of Philadelphia in the playoffs, you can now relive the 2000 Bucs season by purchasing your copy of We Believe on video cassette.

To secure your copy of We Believe, visit Buccaneer Heaven at 14823 N. Florida Avenue in Tampa, Florida or place your order over the phone by calling 813-908-BUCS(2827). You can also order your copy of We Believe at 12thManFilms.com..

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