Bucs Post-Game Quotes

December 29 - Find out what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had to say after their thrilling 22-10 win over the Baltimore Ravens.

Coach Tony Dungy on the game:

"It seems like we always get our game going in December. This was a big, big challenge tonight and I thought our guys really stepped up. We had some players banged up, as did the Ravens, but we played hard. The energy in our stadium means a lot to us, especially at the end of the year and for big games like this one. It's great to be at home, it's great to be playing a little better football. We knew it was going to be a tough game; the Ravens have a strong defense. But the team stepped up in all phases and we knew turnovers and special teams were going to be important. I think Doug Brien came in and did a good job tonight. We did a good job of controlling the defense which turned out to be an important factor in this win."

Coach Tony Dungy on twice electing to punt from the Ravens' 35 yard line:

"We felt Doug could score from there; he thought he could as well. But rather than give them the ball in good field position we wanted to punt them deep. Mark made some outstanding punts and Dwight Smith made a couple of big plays which kept them backed up. We felt that the way our defense was playing, they were going to have a hard time driving 90 or 95 yards to score."

Coach Tony Dungy on the blocked punt:

"We had a couple of things we thought we could do on the inside of the Ravens' line. After the first one, when we came close to blocking the kick, we decided to keep it going. Todd's block was a big one; it got us some points. But we certainly felt we had a spot we could attack in there."

Coach Tony Dungy on not turning the ball over for the second straight game:

"That is very important. I think our offense is aware of it; I think defensively we are getting the ball more and giving the offense good field position. Brad's taking care of the ball, especially when we are playing with the lead."

Coach Tony Dungy on the "revenge factor" in next week's game against Philadelphia:

"No, there is not really any revenge factor. We've always taken the stand that last year was last year. We want to win in order to keep the momentum going into the playoffs. We want to win ten games for the third year in a row and protect our December record. We have a lot of incentive to play well next week."

QB Brad Johnson on the play of the defense:

"The defense stepped up big all night. They gave us tremendous field position throughout the game. Brooks' interception was the biggest play of the game, the turning point and we were able to turn it into a touchdown."

QB Brad Johnson on on the philosophy of protecting the ball:

"It is something we take pride in. I think we have won the turnover difference in twelve of our fifteen games. We lost a couple of those games, but usually if you don't turn the ball over you keep yourself in most games."

QB Brad Johnson on the play of the offense:

"We have won two critical game we had to win. But as an offense, you have to play to the circumstances. Last week we were very explosive and put some points on the board. Today, we had great field position, but we struggled to get the ball into the red zone. They did a great job covering people, and they tipped five or six balls. I had to throw some balls away. The Ravens' are known for stopping the run, but their corners are very sound. We had to play smart football."

FS Dexter Jackson on his two sacks:

"I was able to hold my disguise and come late. Grbac was trying to read what Lynch and I were trying to do. When my number was called, I was able to come through."

SS John Lynch on the play of the team:

"We've been wanting all year for us to fire on all cylinders. It looks like we are getting to that point where we are playing consistent football. When we do, we're tough to beat. Right now we are a team with a lot of confidence. Early in the year we couldn't stack wins now we've won five of six."

SS John Lynch on the play of the pass coverage unit:

"We have tried to bait quarterbacks all year. Mike Tomlin, Monte, Joe Barry, all the coaches have done a great job in coordinating the looks we are giving opposing offenses. The last two weeks we had real simple game plan. We played a lot of zone where we could get back and read the quarterback. We thought coming into this game we could do some things. Derek did a great job reading Grbac's eyes on his interception and Ronde was around the ball again. And we left a couple of picks out there, though. But this was a solid effort."

SS John Lynch on having an extra days rest: "At this time of the year, that extra rest is nice. Tony, in fact, gave us the next three days off. It will come in handy. We've played fifteen in a row, but we are a well conditioned team. The coaching staff has done a good job making sure we are rested."

SS John Lynch on repaying Donovan McNabb for some comments made after last year's playoff loss:

"He said he was smiling because he was reading our defense. But I think he was, essentially, laughing at us. You remember those things. I don't think Donovan is a bad guy, but that was one of the more embarrassing games I've been involved with. They physically took it to us and that doesn't happen to our team often. You tend to remember those types of things."

FB Mike Alstott on the game:

"I thought we had great field position the entire game. We had the Ravens backed up; Mark Royals did a great job pinning them inside their five yard line twice. Karl Williams got us past the 50 yard line twice with good returns. But we have to do more to capitalize on that field position and use it to put teams away earlier in the game."

FB Mike Alstott on his 32 yard touchdown run: "If you keep pounding and pounding and pounding you will eventually get some holes to open. It was a downhill running play and I just followed my fullback and my pulling guard. They got on their guys and I was able to hit the crease and follow Keyshawn down the field. The guy spun and chased me toward the end zone. I wanted to make contact with him before he took my legs out. I did and was able to score."

RT Jerry Wunsch on the play of the offensive line:

"I think the line's improved play is a result of the consistency of the offense as a whole. If the offense is not in sync, everyone looks at the line first. When things are going good, we get overlooked but when things go bad fingers are pointed at the line. We had 123 yards rushing today. That's good; but, of course, not good enough."

TE Todd Yoder on his blocked punt:

"We thought that with the center's size and the way he snapped the ball, I might be able to get by him. I've never, not even in practice, broken through that cleanly. After the first punt I told Joe 'We're going to get him'. It was perfect."

SS John Lynch on the defense holding on its goal line:

"That was definitely big. We were a little upset at that point because we let them drive down field on us after we had repeatedly stopped them. The false start penalty helped us, but we held."

SS John Lynch on beating the defending Super Bowl Champions:

"It means a lot to us. Most importantly it was a big step toward getting us into the playoffs. This is the third year in a row we've beaten the defending champs at Raymond James and its a big notch in our belt. Its kind of a jealousy thing; they won the Super Bowl in our place. That makes this win a little more satisfying."

SS John Lynch on making the playoffs:

"We don't just want to make the playoffs, we want to do some damage. We want to get in and win a championship and this is a step in the right direction."

CB Ronde Barber on the play of the defense:

"We played great on defense tonight. Our goal was to outplay the Ravens' defense and we did. We didn't think their receivers were going to beat us one on one. We stopped the run and we knew Elvis throwing the ball wasn't going to b the answer. We got after him, he made some mistakes and we took advantage of them."

DE Simeon Rice on the team:

"We are showing our guts and our heart out there. That's all you can ask out of the members of your team and the coaching staff. We're hanging together and that's what it is all about."

DE Simeon Rice on his recent good play:

"I've been blessed, I've been fortunate. I don't want to sound corny at all, but I have. The chemistry I'm gathering with my teammates is helping my performance. Things have been a little more defined for me. I know my role here and I'm learning this defense. I appreciate the coaches and my teammates hanging in there with me as I learn. But we're doing this together which is a beautiful thing. If I'm getting jammed up on the line, then I know McFarland is getting down. If he's getting jammed up, then I know big number 99 is getting down. If he's jammed up then Steve White or Marcus Jones are doing their thing. That's just the front line and now you have to face the linebackers and the defensive backs. Guys are playing there guts out showing what they are all about."

DT Warren Sapp on the play of Doug Brien:

"You have to take your hat off to Doug, coming in here not knowing anyone but Royals. He lined up and put the ball through the uprights just like we needed him to do. Martin is a tough guy to replace because he is 'Automatica'. But we can win with Doug."

DT Warren Sapp on coaching styles:

"I've been fortunate to play for only two coaches since college: Erickson and Dungy. They have very similar approaches except Erickson cussed more than Tony. They are both player's coaches who want to put you is a position you can be most effective. They expect you to go out and do your job and that's not a bad way to live."

DT Warren Sapp on the fans:

"You can't describe what it's like on the field. It's so electric. These people are unbelievable. The center can't hear anything and everyone is looking at the ball. I'm firing off that ball because I know the count is 'one' every time because no one can hear the quarterback. Our fans are the best in the league."

DT Warren Sapp on the play of Derrick Brooks:

"He is the main reason we are playing like we are playing. He's back. The highway patrolman is back on duty, daddy. Did you see that last fourth down play? It looked like he was shot out of a cannon and hit that dude."

DT Warren Sapp on making the playoffs:

"Just let me in. Let me in with these 57 other dogs we have in this room and we're going to make some noise."

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