Bucs' 2002 Opponents Announced

January 7 - The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are aware of what teams they will play at home and on the road next season, but the times and dates of those games will not be released until late April or early March.

If you thought the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a tough road to the playoffs, you might want to sit down before you view the Pewter Pirates' 2002 regular season opponents.

Tampa Bay's 16 2002 regular season opponents finished the regular season with a combined record of 156-132. This combined record does not include the result of the Minnesota at Baltimore game on Monday night, but since Tampa Bay will play both opponents one time each next season, the combined record will be 157-133.

Tampa Bay will exit the NFC Central Division and enter the NFC South Division in 2002. Atlanta, Carolina and New Orleans will join Tampa Bay in the NFC South Division, and the Bucs will play all three teams at home and away.

The Buccaneers will host eight regular season games, four of which will be against 2001 playoff teams. Tampa Bay's home opponents have a combined 100-61 record this season. The most attractive matchup on the Bucs' home schedule might be against the St. Louis Rams. Although they are not in the same division, the Bucs and Rams have developed a popular rivalry since they met in the 1999 NFC Championship Game.

Tampa Bay's road schedule features games at Baltimore and at Philadelphia. Tampa Bay's road opponents put together a combined 56-71 record this season.

While Tampa Bay's 2002 home and road opponents have been announced, the dates and times of those games will not be released until late April or early March.


*NOTE Each opponent's 2001 record is listed after each team.


Atlanta (7-9)


New Orleans(7-9)


Green Bay(12-4)

Minnesota (5-10)

Pittsburgh (13-3)

St. Louis (14-2)


Atlanta (7-9)

Carolina (1-15)

New Orleans (7-9)

Philadelphia (11-5)

Cincinnati (6-10)

Detroit (2-14)

Chicago (13-3)

Baltimore (9-6)

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