Glazers Deny Sale Rumors-Again

January 15 – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization attempted to put another rumor to rest on Tuesday afternoon when executive vice presidents Joel and Bryan Glazer adamantly denied speculation that the team is for sale.

The rumors surrounding the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been flowing like water out of a fountain, but executive vice presidents Joel and Bryan Glazer attempted to put one of the most intriguing ones to rest on Tuesday afternoon when they denied the team is for sale.

"I want to be very clear when I say this," said Bryan Glazer. "We have never spoke to anybody and we've never negotiated with anybody (about selling the franchise). We've never spoken with anybody about selling this franchise, ever."

Speculation about the sale of the team started last year right before Super Bowl XXXV was played in Tampa. The Glazers held a press conference with a select group of media in attendance to deny the rumors shortly after the sale buzz started spreading. Although it appeared the Glazers had put any sale-related rumors to rest, the gossip had recently resurfaced.

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