Jets' Tannenbaum Interviews for Bucs' GM Position

January 16 – The Glazers are moving quickly in pursuit of a new head coach. On Tuesday afternoon, Tampa Bay's owners acknowledged they had officially contacted Bill Parcells and on Wednesday morning, New York Jets assistant general manager Mike Tannenbaum flew from New York to Tampa to interview for the Bucs' general manager position which is currently occupied by Rich McKay.

New York Jets assistant general manager Mike Tannenbaum flew from New York to Tampa on Wednesday morning to interview for Tampa Bay's general manager position.

Although previous reports suggested negotiations began weeks ago, the Glazers announced Tuesday afternoon they had officially contacted former Jets' head coach Bill Parcells for the first time.

Tannenbaum, 32, has strong ties to Parcells from their days together with the New York Jets, and all indications are Tampa Bay's ownership is making a very strong push to make Parcells the team's next head coach within the next week.

Tannenbaum is a highly regarded salary cap specialist and flew to Tampa to interview for the general manager position shortly after receiving permission from the Jets.

Tannenbaum served as New York's director of player development for three years. before he was promoted to assistant general manager in 2000. Tannenbaum served as a cap specialist with the Browns and the Saints before joining the Jets.

The position Tannenbaum interviewed for on Wednesday is currently filled by GM Rich McKay, who has served at the position since 1994. The Glazers indicated McKay's job was safe on Tuesday afternoon and they were even hoping to extend his contract and expand his job responsibilities. But if Tannenbaum is indeed hired by Tampa Bay as the new general manager, McKay could still be fired or he may even opt to part ways with the Buccaneers.

"Rich's (McKay) job is not in the equation here (in terms of firing)," said executive vice president Joel Glazer. "He has one year left on his contract and we're already talking to him about extending his contract. We're talking about expanding his duties and he's been a key part of this franchise. We view him as important and we're talking with him about an extension."

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