Buccaneer Magazine Playoff Predictions

January 26 – The Buccaneer Magazine staff standings are extremely tight after 19 weeks of games. Contributing writer Greg Gargula and contributing writer Steve Himes are now tied for first place, and editor-in-chief Scott Reynolds is only one game behind. It's time for the Buccaneer Magazine staffers to give their AFC and NFC Championship Game picks.

Buccaneer Magazine Staff Standings

Greg Gargula 157-82

Steve Himes 157-82

Scott Reynolds 156-83

Jim Flynn 151-88

Sandy Penner 143-96

Leo Haggerty 137-102


Jim Flynn 4-0

Scott Reynolds 4-0

Steve Himes 3-1

Greg Gargula 3-1

Leo Haggerty 3-1

Sandy Penner 3-1

New England at Pittsburgh

New England - Haggerty

Pittsburgh – Flynn, Gargula, Himes, Penner, Reynolds

Philadelphia at St. Louis

Philadelphia- Haggerty

St. Louis- Flynn, Gargula, Himes, Penner, Reynolds

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